5 Advantages of Rooting your Android Device


Rooting your Android device is the process of accessing super user permissions to unlock certain features that are otherwise not available in the stock build of Android. In simple terms root allows you to gain complete control over your device. Being a tech guy I have been asked a lot of times by a lot of people about the benefits of rooting their devices? Whether it is worth the time or not? So here are five advantages you can’t enjoy without rooting your Android phone.

  1. Uninstall Built in Apps

One of the major advantages of having root access is the ability to uninstall built in applications. Sure on paper this sounds like a small feature but a lot of phones come with built in applications that no one ever uses. Apps like AT&T address book and Code scanner offer you little functionality other than taking up your internal storage. In some cases these applications take almost half of the internal storage. Sometimes carrier bloat ware also causes the phone to slow down and experience lag, this is especially true for a midrange device. Uninstalling these Apps not only frees up storage but also improves the performance of the phone. Not only you can uninstall these Apps you also have the option to re download these Apps from the recycle bin in case you ever need them.

  1. To Improve Performance

If the lag and stutter on your phone has become unbearable or you are burning through your battery too quickly then root access is all you need. Rooting your android device allows you to under clock or over clock your CPU to optimize performance according to your needs. If you are someone who is lucky enough to own a flagship device than this might not be important for you however if you are someone who is using a low end or a mid-range device then rooting your device can give your device the performance boost it requires. All you have to do is change the kernel of your device and use an app like setup CPU which will prompt you to allow super user permissions, once you grant the app the permission it requires you will be able tweak your CPU clock speed.

  1. To Flash Custom ROMs

Perhaps the most popular reason to root an Android device is to flash a custom rom. Custom ROMs are various builds of Android that allow users to run stock android on non-nexus devices or have touch wiz and sense like features on a stock like build. Flashing a custom rom allows the user to tweak and customize almost every part of the operating system, from changing the color scheme of the OS to setting up what information is shown in the status bar, virtually everything can be changed. There are lots of popular custom ROMs like Cyanogen Mod and paranoid Android that offer very useful features that otherwise are not supported by stock android. Another advantage of flashing these custom ROMs is that you can run the latest version of Android even if your device doesn’t support it. Since the update to the latest version is not guaranteed or supported by a lot of android phones flashing a custom rom is the only option left for someone who wants to use the latest and greatest version of android on a non-nexus device. Furthermore another advantage of flashing a custom rom is that if your phone feels slow and is not aging well, then flashing a custom rom will not only give your phone a performance boost, it will also make the device feel a little new.

  1. To Customize and Access more Features

Even if you don’t flash a custom rom there are a lot of customization features available if you have root access. Apps like gravity box can help you tweak a lot of stuff like changing the functions, adding additional functionality to buttons through swipes and taps and changing the transparency level of the status bar. Also some applications like nova launcher, Air droid and root explorer require you to have super user permissions in order to access all the features. For example if you have root access the Air droid app lets you take screenshots and control your device from your desktop, similarly many other apps offer additional features with root access that add to the day to day experience.

  1. Back ups

Another advantage of root is the power of backups. Setting up an Android device for the first time is fun but if something goes wrong the process is boring and difficult compared to setting up an iPhone. Having root access allows you to use apps like titanium back up which give you complete control over your applications and its data, when you set up your device you simply have to restore your back ups and you can pick up from where you left off. This is especially useful if you are someone who flashes a lot of custom Rom as if anything goes wrong all you have to do is restore your back up and everything will be exactly like it was before.

Guys have you ever tried rooting your Android phone? If yes than tell us about your experience and what are some of the features, available through root access that you like. As always keep following GenY on Facebook and stay tuned for more technology related articles.

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