Halla Gulla (Preview)


Halla Gulla, as can be judged by the name itself, is no serious or emotional movie, but a pure thriller which has been directed by Kamran Akbar Khan- the director of the heavily applauded film Na maloom Afraad. The movie is a blend of romance and comedy and consist of an ensemble cast which includes Javed Sheikh, Ismail Taara, Sidra Batool, Ghazala Javed, Asim mehmood, Ashraf Khan, Zara Gul, Jasmeen, Adil wadia, Maryam Ansari and Hina Rizvi.

There have been rumors that the movie is very similar to Na Maloom Afraad but this is certainly not the case. Both movies have an entirely different storyline; Na Maloom Afraad had focused on Karachi from all aspects, reflecting the city and it’s happenings through every angle. However, Halla Gulla exhibits only the posh areas of Karachi and uses Karachi merely as a location, not focusing entirely on the day to day problems prevailing in the city, but progressing with the romantic plus comedy plot.

Additionally, Halla Gulla consists of five songs, including an Item number and a club song. One of the five, ‘Ishq Kamla’ has already been released and the movie is scheduled to release on 28th August.

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