Moor (Preview)


‘Moor’ is an upcoming Pakistani drama film that is going to hit the screens on the 14th of August. This movie will undoubtedly be very unique and something that Pakistan has never seen, because of its storyline which is very different from any movie ever made in the industry. The name ‘Moor’ has been derived from the Pashto word for ‘mother’ and is a story of loyalty and about choosing the correct path. The story depicts the neglected Railway System of Baluchistan, A part of Pakistan that has never been highlighted before. The movie simultaneously highlights the very important role that a mother plays in running the family and how her place can never be taken by anyone else.

Moor is the story of a man ‘Wahid’. When his wife ‘Palwasha’ dies unexpectedly, Wahid is left torn, his children unattended and his life a mess. It is then that he realizes the important role that his wife had played all through this time. But this is not all that he has to worry about; Wahid, who is a poor train station master of a small town in Pakistan must choose between right and wrong. He is compelled to consider a way that would surely make his messed up life very comfortable but would destroy his beloved railways. Torn between a decision of corruption or loyalty, Moor is the story of millions of people of today’s world.

A large part of the movie has been shot in Quetta and stars Hammed sheikh in the leading role, along with Samiya Mumtaz as his wife. The supporting cast includes Shaz Khan, Nayyar Ejaz, Ayaz Sammo and Abdul Qadir and is a must watch.

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