The infamous Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that mysteriously disappeared on 8 March 2015 on route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has received further highlight as new debris is reported both in Malaysia and Maldives. The 239-man carrying airplane lost contact with ground control over the South China Sea and after several hours of radio silence an emergency investigation was launched which yielded no results. The issue evolved and a multinational effort was made by different countries which launched an investigation into what happened. The team is led by Australia. It is now believed the flight had crashed but no bodies have been recovered and no one has found evidence. The circumstances of a crash are also questionable and much more so after the recent German flight fiasco in which a pilot caused the plane to crash after committing suicide in the cockpit and killing everyone in the plane along with him.

    The new found debris is presumed to be the first bit of tangible evidence recovered from the missing airliner supporting officials’ belief that it went down in the Indian Ocean, far off the western coast of Australia. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, said Thursday during a visit to Malaysia that he hoped “that the debris that was discovered on the Reunion Island, if it is found to be conclusively from the aircraft, that this will help to bring some sense of closure about what happened”. France says further investigation is needed to confirm whether the debris s indeed from MH370 despite the Malaysian Authorities claims that it is.

    The flight had last known communication at 8:19 PM local times but its satellite uplink was upheld till 9:30. Some speculation on the cause of the crash has ranged from fuel starvation to crew unresponsiveness or hypoxia. This seems to be in line with the evidence thus found and the manner of loss of contact. It is still hoped that there may be survivors.

    According to the Aviation Safety Network, which tracks aviation accidents, there have been only five Boeing 777 Jet accidents in which the aircraft were destroyed. Three happened at airports in London, Cairo and San Francisco. MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, and MH370 disappeared over water.

    There was initially foul play suspected due to the presence of two Iranian men onboard the flight with stolen European passports but that has been discounted as it is believed they merely sought asylum and were not affiliated with any terrorist organization. The mystery still remains with family members of the victims angry at Malaysian authorities for its lax, impersonal and quite often mistaken actions.

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