In one way or so, all of us live in a bubble. A bubble that we have created out of our own will, and that we hesitate to prick. The bubble sums up our priorities and our necessities, and is a reflection of our attitude towards our lives and how we live in a society.

    Many of us are afraid of change, largely because what is going to happen next scares us. The future is just like a rosebud whose vivid colors can only be seen once it blossoms and instead of thinking of the coming time as a challenge, the lack of sight scares us and no matter how much we try to comfort our minds, the weariness remains. This compels us to create a bubble out of things that we cherish the most and plan to hold on to them forever, but we often forget that nothing is everlasting and a time comes when our most precious belongings wear off and the people that were once the most dear to us change. Sadly, when this precious bubble pops and life scatters, we find ourselves shifting to another bubble, a bubble that is denser, and rather depressing, because disillusioned by society, we close our hearts to love and tenderness and try living the rest of our lives without expecting.

    Others live in a bubble of perception. We are enclosed in this bubble as soon as we are born. The boundaries of this bubble define our society and culture, and as we grow, we develop the same thoughts and opinions and begin to look at the world from inside the round bubble walls. Sadly so, we develop negative opinions about the purest people only because they don’t seem to be living according to the bubble ‘we’ eye the world from. At times perception over rules us so much that we become completely blind to everything people do for us. We fail to understand them truly because we have already developed a picture portraying them in a way very different from their true self and by the time we realize how blessed we were, it is often too late.

    Additionally, many of us idealize a particular life and work hard all our lives to fulfill what we have dreamed of. We create a bubble and absorb in it only the things that would help us achieve our dream of the ideal life we desire. Because of the bubble we have restricted ourselves into; we miss out on many opportunities that fate offers us because we can’t temporarily see them leading us to our desired destination. More upsetting is the fact that the bubble gets smaller and smaller as we mark our way to success, and we have often sacrificed a great deal by the time we reach the top- only to realize then that success is no destination. It is just a point from where everything down below seems minute and feeble. Beyond success lies a dull blank path that contains nothing because all our dreams have already been fulfilled, our aims complete; and the sacrifices that now lie before us turn to a deep pool of regrets- the bubble pops when reality hits us.

    Life is short and we are given its possession only once. Time runs fast and there is no replay button attached to it. Hence don’t waste your entire life confined in a bubble. Don’t let the future haunt you and have faith in your abilities even when the path ahead seems vague, because at the end of the tunnel there is always a ray. Don’t define yourself by others opinion of you, and at the same time don’t form opinions about others. Success comes when you refuse to give up to such an extent that each failure becomes your motivation and it can only be celebrated to the fullest when you do not have regrets within you. So don’t sacrifice your most prized possessions and ignore the people who are most dear to you as you travel the path to your dreams. And most importantly, do not let another bubble trap you!!

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