Azaadi Declamation


    14th August 1947 was the date when a Nation came into existence after a long struggle and thousands of sacrifices. Marking the sixty ninth year of Independence and the Inauguration of GenY World Magazine, an event, being one of its kind was hosted by GenY itself. A public speaking competition by and for the Generation Y. Giving a platform to the youth to come forward and feel the freedom of speech earned sixty nine years back.

    The event was named First Virtual All Karachi Bilingual Declamation Competition. As the name suggests, it was a Virtual Competition which was organized for the first time in the history of Public Speaking in Pakistan.

    First Virtual All Karachi Bilingual Declamation Competition was in Two Languages, English and Urdu. Students from Different Colleges such as Agha Khan Higher Secondary School and A-Level Schools such as Beacon house College Campus Defense Participated in it. A total of 25 best speakers from all over Karachi participated in the competition. All the speakers had to choose a topic out of six topics divided in two categories, Serious and Humorous. The prominent topics for serious category in English included “I Have a Dream” and “Choice Not Chance Determines your Destiny”. The prominent topic for the humorous category was “Life is a Race”. The prominent topics for the serious category in Urdu included “Manzil ki Tamanna Hai tou Darkaar hai Jurrat” and “Watan Ki Matti Gawah Rehna”. The humorous category had one prominent topic which was “Naiki kar Facebook par dal”.

    The competition was based on two rounds. In the first round all the participants delivered their Declamation in front of a panel of judges.

    All the Declamations were judged by the Best Adjudicators of Pakistan. The Panel of English Judges Included Sir Raheel Syed Akhtar, Chairmen Youth Parliament Debate Council and Ms. Sarah Fatima, Several All Pakistan and All Karachi University Level English Declamation Winner. The Panel of Urdu Judges Included Sir Abid Ali Umang, President Pakistan Debate Council and Ex Parliamentarian. Mr. Bilal Yousufzai, A Writer, Director and Actor of Theatre and Films as well as a Prominent Public Speaker, also Joined us in the Panel of Urdu Judges. All the speakers were judged on the basis of their delivery and content which was further divided upon the language, confidence, pauses and matter. They had a time span of three to four minutes in which they had to do the job.

    At the end of Round One, when all the speakers were successfully judged by our experienced Panel, Top Five of each category were announced, who were then surprised with the twist of Round Two. In this round, videos of the declamation were uploaded online on The results were to be determined on the basis of maximum votes that each participant would receive.

    Top Five speakers of English were Tanzeela Yousuf, Misha Irfan, Iqra Saeed, Asad Raza and Anosha Aman. Top Five speakers of Urdu were Shah Nihal Idrees, Kehkashan Anjum, Affan Saeed, Abdur Rehman Shahzaib and Atta-ur-Rehman. All these ten speakers now entered the second phase of the competition where the real war started.

    The speakers now had to get as many votes as they could in order to secure a higher position. They had a total of ten days to get as many votes as they could.

    On 24th August 2015, the Voting period ended. On the basis of judge’s verdict and the number of votes received Tanzeela Yousuf of Agha Khan Higher Secondary School won the English Declamation with six hundred and sixty votes while Iqra Saeed and Misha Irfan secured the second and third positions respectively. Shah Nihal Idrees of Agha Khan Higher Secondary School won the Urdu Declamation with two hundred and sixty six votes while Kehkashan Anjum and Abdur Rehman Shahzaib won the second and third positions.
    Congratulations to All the Winners!!!


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