The Apple Media Event Wrap Up


Apple is one of the most successful companies in the technology industry. Its products are considered by many people to be the absolute best in class. Last night Apple finally took the stage to announce its latest generation products. Traditionally the September event is used by Apple to announce the iPhones; however this year along with the latest generation iPhones, Apple also unveiled the new iPad and a new version of Apple TV. So here is a complete wrap up of everything that was announced at the event.

The New iPhones

The iPhone is the hottest selling smartphone in the world. Each year thousands of people wait in lines outside the Apple store to get their hands on the latest editions of the device and last night Apple finally announced the latest generation iPhones; the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s plus. Despite supporting the same looks as before, the iPhone 6s and 6s plus bring a ton of improvements when compared to the previous models. The latest generation models support the same display size and resolution as last year( 4.7 inches 720p display on the iPhone 6s and a 5.5 inch 1080p display on the iPhone 6s Plus), however the standout feature this year is a pressure sensitive 3D touch display. The new display can recognize force and allows the users to access different menus and parts of the UI for example; pressing the display lightly on the home screen gives you shortcuts of the things you are doing frequently, also pressing the camera icon on the home screen shows you a menu with options to take a selfie or a slow motion video. The feature is baked in throughout the UI and is used to perform various functions in different apps. Furthermore the phones also support a taptic engine under the display, similar to the one found on the apple watch, which provides tactile feedback to your presses.

When it comes to other internal specs the newer iPhones support an updated Apple A9 processor. The processor is a third generation 64 bit chip. Like every year Apple didn’t reveal the clock speed of the processor or the amount of ram however according to Apple the newer models will perform up to 70 percent better compared to the previous models. The main camera resolution is also bumped up to 12 Megapixels on both phones however only the 6s plus supports optical image stabilization. The resolution of the selfie camera has also been improved, the latest generation models support a 5 Megapixel front camera, the newer phones also support video recording up to 4k. The camera also includes another option know as live photos which allows you to record 1.5 seconds of video either side of the moment you press the shutter key. Other improvements include the second generation touch ID, which according to Apple is two times faster than the previous generation. Also the “Hey Siri” command can now be used even if the phone is not charging. The new iPhones also utilize a much improved 7000 aluminum unibody shell and apart from the traditional silver spray and gold colors the new models will also be available in a rose gold color. At launch the iPhone 6s will be available at £539 off-contract for the 16GB model whereas the 64 and 128 GB models will be available for £619 and £699 respectively. On the other hand the 16 GB iPhone 6s plus will be available for £619 in UK and the 64 GB and the 128 GB version will be available for £699 and £789. The preorder of the device will start at September 12 whereas the sales will start at 25 September.

The new iPads

After years of speculation and rumors, Apple finally unveiled a larger 12.9 inch iPad. The device is the latest edition to the iPad line up and supports a screen resolution of 2048 x 2732 pixels with a pixel density of 265. The new iPad also comes with a new accessory known as the Apple pencil. The stylus is specially designed for the iPad and can be used to draw and write on the iPad pro. Other specs of the device include a new Apple A9 X processor which according to Apple is going to offer twice as much GPU performance as the iPad air 2, Apple is also promising 10 hours of battery life on the device. Another accessory that Apple is launching along with the new device is a smart keyboard. The keyboard is an external keyboard that can be attached to the iPad in order to give a Laptop like experience. The new iPad also supports an 8 MP iSight camera along with a fingerprint touch Id sensor.

Alongside the new iPad pro yesterday Apple also unveiled the iPad mini 3. Compared to the previous model the new iPad mini supports an updated Apple A8 processor, which is the same processor that is found in the iPad air 2. The iPad mini 4 is also just 6.1mm thick whereas the iPad min 3 was 7.5mm thick. Both iPad pro and the mini 4 will be available starting from November; the iPad 4, the 32 GB iPad pro will be available for $799 whereas the 128 GB model will be available for $949. On the other hand the base model of the iPad mini 4 will be available for $399. The Apple pencil and the smart keyboard will be available for $99 and $169 respectively.

Apple TV   

Apple also announced the new version of Apple TV at the event yesterday. The new Apple TV supports deep Siri integration and the App store. The device runs on tvOS which is an IOS 9 style UI. The device also supports a new touch based remote which Apple calls the Siri remote. The remote can be used to navigate the interface like an iPhone. The device also has a micro phone on top that can be used to call up Siri. The new remote can also be used for gaming on Apple TV much like a Wii Remote for the Nintendo Wii platform. The Apple TV supports 64 bit A8 chip along with 2 GB of ram. The device will be available with 32 and 64 GB of storage options. The Apple TV will be available by the end of October at a price of $ 149 for the 32 GB model whereas the 64 GB model will be available for $199.

Apple watch 

Apple also announced a new rose gold Apple watch sports variant. Along with the new variant, watch OS 2.0 which will be available alongside the GM version of IOS 9 on 16 September.

That is all that was announced at the event yesterday, as always stay tuned to GenY world for future coverage on all Apple devices.

By Abdul Basit


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