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Fall is here and with it comes Apple’s next big upgrade to their mobile operating system – iOS. With IOS 9 Apple brings about welcome changes that enhance the user experience. So here is a look at the new features Apple has introduced.

1) San Francisco Font:

Gone is the font “Helvetica Neue” which iOS users have become used to and San Francisco is here. Apple developed this font themselves and first introduced it in 2015 on the Apple Watch.
To most it won’t be noticeable as it’s a very subtle change but the eagle eyed users will welcome it as a refreshing change.
Left: iOS 8
Right: iOS 9
San Francisco Font











2) Proactive Siri:

Siri is smarter than everarticle image! In iOS 9 Siri will suggest contacts and apps specific to time of the day and usage patterns. If you have a habit of checking Facebook before going to bed, just swipe left on the home screen and Siri will suggest apps and contacts. Nearby activities and news will also be displayed but as of now I have not got these recommendations suggesting that they could be location specific thus working best in the US.

Plug your headphones in and Siri will now recommend an app according to your usage which basically means different apps for different situations according to your usage. Siri will also be able to search your camera roll for location and time specific pictures. Search for songs, films, scores or even open an app. Siri can now do it all.

3) UI Improvements:article image 1

  • Gone is the old and slow app switcher and in is this new card like interface which makes it quicker than ever to not only go back and forth between apps but also close apps to free up memory.
  • Low Power Mode has also been introduced which reduces or switches off mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and other visual effects. This helps squeeze an extra hour of battery life.
  • Photos have received a much needed update. Adding to the favorites folder from iOS 8, a new Screenshots folder and Selfies folder has been added. All pictures taken using the front camera are now in a separate folder and the same for screenshots. ‘Recently deleted’ does not show a thumbnail of the deleted picture.


4) iPad Only Updates:

article image 3This year Apple wanted the iPad to have standalone features to counter the criticism it was receiving from the iPhone 6 Plus. They’ve done this by introducing a slew of iPad only features.

Multitasking is finally how it should’ve been in the first place. Two apps can be run side by side with what Apple is calling Split View. The size of both apps can be adjusted.

Didn’t you always wanted to watch a video while carrying on with other tasks on an iPad like we’re used to on desktops? The new picture-in-picture allows the video to pop out so you can carry on with other tasks.

The iPad’s keyboard could never really be considered complete without shortcuts and a track pad mode. The redesigned keyboard allows users to quickly select large chunks of text by placing two fingers on the keyboard and swiping. Other formatting options like copy, paste, bold, underline and italics have been made easier with shortcuts across the top of the keyboard.



Round Up:

With hundreds of other small improvements iOS 9 ensures that users can continue to be productive and take further advantage of Apple’s intuitive ecosystem. While iOS 9 does have some glitches and a few frame rate drops here and there, it’s nothing substantial that could hinder usage and these will have a guaranteed fixes in iOS 9.1 which is expected within a couple of months. It can be said that iOS 9 is not revolutionary rather it is evolutionary and it polishes up the OS and provides Apple a solid base to work on for the future. Existing iOS users should update to enjoy these features as iOS 9 is compatible with the iPhone 4S and above and with the revolutionary iPhone 6s with 3D Touch around the corner, now is the best time to switch to iOS!

By Moin Iqbal


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