Kis Ki Topi Kis Ke Sir


The latest play in Arts Council Karachi ‘Kis Ki Topi kis ke Sir’ is an adaptation of Micheal Cooney’s play ‘cash on delivery’. The play was organized to support Special Olympics team of Pakistan. Directed by Zeesahan Haider and Sarwat Gillani, the story of the play revolves around an unemployed man Junaid Shahi (Saqib Sumeer) who cons Government organizations for monetary benefits on the basis of disability. The play features a cast that includes NAPA graduates; Saqib Sumeer who is the lead protagonist, Nazrul Hassan playing the role of Tanvir and Erum Bashir. Other memKis Ki Topi Kis Ke Sirbers of the cast include Bilal Yousuf Zai, Amatul Baweja and Hunain Maniar.

The play starts with Junaid Shahi creating a story on a phone call to Government officials while his tenant Tanvir (Nazrul Hassan) is eavesdropping. After finding out what Tanvir has been up to, Shahi starts blackmailing Tanvir after revealing that his uncle is also in cahoots with Shahi . This leads to Tanvir becoming Shahi’s partner.  The real twist comes when a Government official Munir (Bilal Yousufzai) pays a visit at Shahi’s house in order to inspect the truth. From then onwards Shahi and Tanvir concoct a web of lies in order to convince the Government officials that Shahi, who is disguised as Naseem Subhani, is disable and needy.

Overall the play was a laugh riot in which all actors played their parts convincingly. The direcKis Ki Topi Kis Ke Sirtion of the play was smooth with effortless transition from one scene to the other. The stage was also used to perfection and for the most part the script was well written. One point that was noticeable was that every character that entered the house had to ring the bell but Faiza’s (Amatul Baweja) uncle Dr Bilal (Muneeb-ur-Rehman) seemed to magically open the locked door to enter the house. The ending of the play was also anti climatic with the actual conflict between Shahi and his wife Faiza not resolved.

However all of these flaws were compensated for by the comic timing of the actors, which was near perfect. The acting was on point with every actor fitting perfectly into his/her role. All actors had their moments with Saqib Sumeer, Amatul Baweja anKis Ki Topi Kis Ke Sird Bilal Yosufzai performing particularly well. Muneeb-ur-Rehman also did justice to his small role however, the best performance was given by Nazrul Hassan who as Tanvir knocked it out of the park and completely stole the show getting the best reaction from the audience in the process.

As mentioned earlier ‘Kis Ki Topi Kis Ke Sir’ is a play for a special cause which is to support the team of Special Olympics Pakistan. Some of the athletes who were part of the show yesterday urged the crowd to support them.

The performances of the actors and the overall dedication of the entire crew for a special cause made ‘Kis Ki topi Kis ke Sir’ a must watch. The play will be performed till 13 of October 2015 in Arts council Karachi. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now to watch this outstanding play.

Kis Ki Topi Kis Ke Sir

By Abdul Basit
icture Credits: Creative Studio



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