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    Established in 2013 Beacon house Model United Nations (Beaconmun) is a student run Model United Nation conference that is held annually and is a staple for all those wishing to broaden their minds and step out of the fragile and carefully constructed false realities that cultural and societal prejudices have taught us. BeaconMUN began one afternoon, when three Beaconites , Ahmed Zaib, Fahad Ur Rehman, and Meeran Shaikh sat discussing the horrible lack of MUNing in PECHS campus, so they decided, why not incorporate something new into the culture of the campus, why not organize our own MUN. The Idea was presented to the campus Senior mistress, Miss Madiha Shaikh who loved the idea as well. Of course, the process was far from over, BeaconMUN hit a few bumps in the road when it came to funds and fee structure for the delegates, but in the end, with scarce resources, and time running out fast, BeaconMUN 1 successfully took place. Training sessions were conducted and delegates gathered, to make it a small, albeit successful event. “What you have to know, is this project is my baby, and I worked really hard for it, I’m just so happy to see it becoming a success.” Said Ahmed Zaib, President of BeaconMUN 1. Those who dare to think outside the box and strive to solve problems at a global scale are surely at their home ground in Beaconmun. The 3 day conference allows delegates the unique opportunity to simulate actual committees from the United Nations and tackle topics that are discussed in the United Nations, to allow students to come up with creative yet practical and enact able plans as detailed as a formal document would be. The purpose of the conference is to prepare individuals for the leadership of tomorrow and to inculcate within them the ideals of diplomacy, negotiation, and reconciliation. Of course, it’s not all work as the enthralling Social Events will whisk away the tiredness from the day and leave you rejuvenated for more. This year’s Beaconmun is shaping up to be the most ambitious and largest Beaconmun in history so come prepared to be thrilled and fight for the coveted Best Delegate Award!

    The conference is set to take place at Beacon house PECHS Campus on 13th-15th November 2015. The experienced and energetic team behind Beaconmun has shared their thoughts exclusively with Gen-Y magazine; the official media partner to BEACONMUN’15.

    Executive Council;

    President: Mohammed Hamza

    “Being the President of BeaconMUN 2015’s Executive Board is thrilling and I promise to do my best in order for you to have an unforgettable experience. Being well-prepared, active and vigilant is more than necessary in order to secure and promote your country’s interests in the best way possible! Raise the bar by exercising your negotiating skills boldly and showing eagerness to cooperate with your fellow delegates! My Director General and I will be there to support and provide you all the needed information. We remain at your disposal thus do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries. It will be an honor to have you all in this conference and truly I can’t wait to meet you in November. Till then keep BeaconMUNing!”

    Secretary General: Maheen Chishti

    “BeaconMUN. It’s not the magnificence that counts, its the experience. This year we bring to you a bigger, better and utterly pleasing platform to make your experience worthwhile. Hoping to see you at the conference.”

    Director General: Wijdan Ali

    “The very title of “BeaconMUN” is what primarily instigates in me a scintillating sensation, inspiring my mind what its purpose is. It truly is a “Beacon of Learning “, an ideal platform for people to learn, rise and shine. The beautiful idea of exploring new talent in a really distinct style of debate is what triggered my interest in BeaconMUN and which ultimately led me into becoming a part of this capable organizing committee. With the team i have been blessed with, this year’s edition of BeaconMUN is going to be on a whole new level .Simply Bigger and Better. It is an honor for me serving as the Director General for this year’s edition of BeaconMUN and it will be my top priority to make this event a memorable one for each of the delegates and provide them an experience of a lifetime”

    Deputy Secretary General: Rameen Naveed

    “It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you all to another edition of the Beaconhouse Model United Nations, BeaconMUN’15. We hope that these three constant days of quality debate will inspire you intellectually and enhance your debating skills by teaching you the skill of negotiation, diplomacy and collaboration. BeaconMUN encourages delegates to take into account the past, consider the present and prepare a solution for the generations to come. By participating in this opportunity to engage with the fellow students on such issues which are critical in nature, our goal is to help and provide guidance in transforming all of you into diplomats for future who are not only aware of current affairs but are able to figure out dynamics for a country, a region and the entire globe by presenting a strong solution to overcome all the problems we face today. I look forward to seeing you all at BeaconMUN’15 this November.”

    Deputy Director General: Amima Khan

    “I want this to be a success; we’ve all worked really hard for it. I want this to be amongst the great MUNs of Karachi, up there with MUNIK and ZABMUN.  Lighting the way with Democracy, Now, and Forever.

    Under Secretary General: Ahsan Muhammad

    “And so, it begins… Face it off, this November.”

    Under Secretary General: Uwais Parekh

    Personally to me BeaconMUN is something more than just your average MUN, in the vast Circuit of this metropolitan what makes BeaconMUN stand out is how it’s untouched by Politics or how it’s just there as an Annual Ceremony. BeaconMUN is arguably one of the few remaining Conferences that actually hold up the ideals of an MUN Conference and that is what I invite you all to; a chance to light the way with diplomacy.”

    The following is a list of the Committee Directors for individual Committees that are present in BEACONMUN’15:

    Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC): Mian Ibad and Ahsan Muhammad

    Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL): Umar Muzzafar and Umer Zaib Khan

    Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs Committee (SOCHUM): Usman Naqvi and Shabbar Muhammed Virani

    The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): Haider Ali and Ammad Khalique

    United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC): Meeran Shaikh and Sana Afridi

    United Nations Security Council (UNSC): Aqib Khalique and Rahul Aijaz

    United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC): Mohsin Masood Khan and Aurangzeb Noor

    Pakistan National Assembly (PNA): Abdullah Jamal

    Crisis Cabinet: Naseer Nehal Hashmi and Uwais Parekh

    Fédération Internationale de Football Association  (FIFA): Muhammad Shaheer Hasan and Sheheryar Marfani

    Finally such a large conference would be possible without the massive hard work the host team has put behind it, giving up their free time and energy to make BEACONMUN’15 the best BeaconMUN yet.

    Heads of Registration: Suheera Tanvir and Sana Yousuf
    Assistant Director: Aribah Imtiaz
    Heads of Logistics/Operations: Dawood Muzammil and Muhammad Bilal
    Assistant Director Logistics/Operations: Hamza Haq
    Director Marketing: Muhammad Nihad Khanani
    Assistant Director Marketing: Muhammad Huzaifa and Maham Kamran
    Heads of Social Events: Ali Raffay and Emad Syed
    Heads of Creative : Aurva Khalid and Asad Sheikh
    Heads of Finance Department: Moin Iqbal and Abdul Moiz Uddin
    Director Publications: Ayesha Muhammad
    Assistant Director Publications: Shantul Khan
    Heads of Photography: Maham Safdar and Haseeb Ahmed
    Assistant Director: Muhammad Nauman
    Security: Farhan Nadeem
    Director Public Relations: Farwa Naqvi
    Assistant Director: Maham Shaikh
    The date for BEACONMUN’15 draws ever closer and registration are going to end soon! To register simply fill out the forms on the following pages

    For individual delegates:
    Click Here

    Form for a delegation:
    Click Here

    Don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime! Limited seats are available so register now! And for those who cannot attend fear not, Gen-Y World will be reporting from BEACONMUN’15 to keep you informed of all the going-ons.

    By Usman Khalid


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