How Social Media Helps You Grow Your Business


    Social media is a web platform that allows people to share and create content with others. Today there are many such platforms for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. In today’s modern and progressive society, the world has become a global village up to the point where people from different continents and countries are connected 24/7 through social media. Social media not only allows people to connect, it also gives businesses a leeway to reach their target audience by promoting and marketing their products through viral campaigns. Other benefits of social media for businesses include finding new customers, getting instant feedback and learning about their audience.

    When it comes to promotion and viral marketing social media allows businesses to create hype that is necessary to promote their products. Through social media many businesses have been able to successfully generate the level of interest they wanted to when launching a new product or trying to promote different promotional offers. A prime example of this is Motorola, a company which always informs its customer about discount offers through its Twitter account. 2K sports in another company that uses social media to promote the trailer of its new game. Other companies like Apple and Samsung use social media during their launch events to keep people updated and interested in what they are launching. In USA there are specialized agencies that help to establish the brand image of the businesses through social media marketing. Hence, it can be said that viral marketing has become synonymous with social media.

    Another important benefit of social media for businesses is the fact that through social media businesses can find new customers. A business that needs sustainable growth always looks for new audience in order to survive in today’s contemporary world and social media acts as an ideal tool to find people who might be interested in the product or service the business is providing. Paying small amount of money to Facebook and Twitter significantly increases the reach of the official pages and posts of the business. In our experience, we use social media marketing every day to promote and extend the reach of our website. The first step of marketing and promotion is making potential customers aware about your product or service and with more than a billion people around the globe having access to different social media platforms’ finding new customers has never been more easy.

    Along with finding new customers, taking customer feedback is equally important if businesses want to achieve long term success. Social media platforms allow businesses to analyze what people think about their products and how to improve any shortcomings. Companies like WWE always use Twitter to evaluate the fan response after their television shows and live events. Through social media companies can also send questionnaires to their customers getting detailed feedback about why or why not people like or dislike their products. In short, social media is the easiest way in which businesses can connect with their customers to get valuable feedback about their operations.

    Lastly, one of the most important benefits of social media to businesses is the fact that social media provides businesses with detailed information about their audience. A business always needs to know which country, age group and gender its audience belongs too. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide this information to businesses easily furthermore, they also allow businesses to target their posts through these means. If a business knows its audience it can easily analyze which type of product it has to focus on and what type of marketing strategy it has to use.

    Indeed, social media platforms have opened a completely new world of marketing for businesses. A world in which businesses can directly reach their potential customers and at the same time promote and market their products while, getting instant feedback to reach new heights.

    So these were some of the benefits of social media to businesses today. Do you use social media to promote your business? If yes than share how has social media helped your business to grow and keep following GenY world to read what you love.

    By Faizan Arafat


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