Top 5 underrated Pakistani cricketers


    Whenever people talk about Pakistan cricket they tend to remember the likes of Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, javed Miandad and Inzamam Ul Haq. However, among these greats, there are certain individuals who have made valuable contributions towards the game but aren’t as fondly remembered. These individuals are some of the most underrated talents in the history of Pakistan cricket and are given very little credit for their achievements. So here are 5 underrated Pakistani cricketers.

    1. Sarfaraz Nawaz

    sarfaraz_nawaz_interviewOne of the pioneers of reverse swing, Sarfaraz Nawaz formed a potent partnership along with Imran khan in the 70’s. With over a 170 wickets in just 55 matches, Sarfaraz had a great test match record. Along with his bowling he was also a handy lower order batsman having scored four test match fifties, with a highest score of 90. Unfortunately however, because of his controversial career, Sarfaraz Nawaz is never remembered in the same light as Wasim Akram or Waqar Younis. A lot of fans are also not aware of the fact that along with Imran Khan, Sarfaraz Nawaz was one of the first bowlers to use reverse swing, an art that he passed on to the future generation fast bowlers.

    1. Yasir Hameed

    yasir_hameed_pakistani_cricket_opening_batsmanScoring century in consecutive innings in his debut test match, Yasir Hameed’s career started promisingly enough however; despite this amazing start he was never quite given a permanent spot as an opener on the team. What many fans don’t know is the fact that Yasir was a technically sound opener who had a one day average of 37 and a test average of 32 but due to selection inconsistencies, he could never realize his full potential. In spite of having such a short career he achieved an impressive feat of having more runs than any other batsman in International Debut year. Along with that he is also the second fastest batsman to reach 1000 ODI runs in Asia and 5th in world. Considering all these achievements it is indeed very sad that Yasir Hameed is not at all recognized by the Pakistani fans as someone Pakistan cricket failed to utilize.

    1. Wasim Raja

    17060Not many fans know about Wasim Raja today however, in his heyday he was known as the master of style. Supporting a test average of 36, at a first glance Wasim Raja’s record doesn’t seem too impressive because of which he is never seen in the same light as Javed Miandad or Zaheer Abbas. However, greats like Imran Khan believed Wasim “was in a different class altogether and was already batting with a maturity beyond his years”. Despite being a master class batsman Wasim’s name is never taken when people talk about the great batsman of Pakistan cricket.

    1. Tauseef Ahmed

    21241Whenever people remember great spinners of Pakistan cricket, Tauseef Ahmed’s name is generally overshadowed by the likes of Abdul Qadir and Mushtaq Ahmed however, Tauseef Ahmed was an equally cunning off spinner. He took seven wickets on his test debut and after two years his test average was better than the great Abdul Qadir. Today Tauseef Ahmed is the coach of the Karachi region and is often seen on television shows as an analyst.

    1. Misbah Ul Haq

    111223-misbah-ul-haq-496x286A lot of fans might disagree with Misbah Ul Haq’s inclusion in this list however; in my opinion Misbah Ul Haq is one of the most underrated cricketers Pakistan has ever seen. Despite scoring the fastest test century in the history of the game, a lot of fans stills label Misbah as “tuk tuk”. Misbah is the most successful test captain in the history of Pakistan and yet a lot of fans feel he was a defensive captain during his tenure. A lot of fans believe that Misbah was responsible for defeat in the 2007 T20 world cup and 2011 semifinal against India however; they don’t realize that he was responsible for keeping them in the game. Fans and analyst only remember the failures, they don’t remember the countless times Misbah helped saved Pakistan from jaws of defeat or controversy. Therefore it can be concluded that Misbah has never been valued for the amount of contribution he has made.

    Who are some of the cricketers missing from this list in your opinion? Leave your answer in the comments below and keep following GenY world for the BeacounMun wrap up soon.

     By Abdul Basit


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