A Black And White Friday


    The time to shop till you drop is finally here. For the past several years a frenzy of shopping, just before the winter season arrives in force, has become a tradition and is now termed as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year on Black Friday almost $2.4 billion were spent in the Unites States alone, and that’s a conservative estimate! But back up a bit, what is Black Friday and why should you be interested? November 27th is the date for Black Friday and November 30th for Cyber Monday. While Black Friday has bigger sales in terms of technology and appliances, Cyber Monday takes the cake for textiles and non-tech sales. What makes these days ideal to go out and get some shopping done are the amazing deals that are offered by the retailers in the form of unbelievable sales and discounts. Until now these massive shopping fests were limited to the U.K. and U.S. and us poor Pakistanis were left out of the loop as those expensive headphones we wanted were slashed down by 90%. But this year a number of websites Daraz.pk, kaymu.pk and Homeshopping.pk have taken the initiative to bring the sale to Pakistan in the hope that the Pakistani consumer base will take advantage of the big discounts typical of sales in the foreign countries.  Our Arabian Emirates readers need not despair either. Souq.com a website in UAE and Qatar offers their own rebranding of the same day labeled ‘White Friday’ and massive discounts are common.

    We have a stigma in Pakistan, for most part, towards online shopping primarily due to the mistrust towards product quality and credit card payment. However many Pakistani sites including the one hosting Black Friday accept cash on delivery and that’s perfect for the lot of us that don’t have credit cards. This year, analysts are expecting UK shoppers to spend more than £1bn on Black Friday – a truly stunning number. The same goes for the US where a number of records are expected to be broken. A few pre-sale examples from the two countries are given below to elucidate just how massive the discounts are.

    • 50″ 1080p LED HD TV for $150 at Amazon
      We know very little about this Amazon app-only ad, but those scant facts are fascinating. For one thing, it’s poised to become the cheapest full-HD 50″ set we’ve ever seen (in any condition) by a whopping $90. It also beats every other Black Friday ad that we’ve seen for a 50″ HDTV.
    • Xbox One 500 GB Gears of War Bundle with Fallout 4, Extra Controller for $300 at Dell Home
      If you’re looking to maximize your Xbox loot this Black Friday, then this is the Gears of War bundle you want to grab. The addition of Fallout 4 (a just-released game that we’re seeing advertised at list price) and an extra controller (worth an additional $39 at least) adds almost $100 in value to this bundle
    • Two Google Chromecast Media Players (current generation)with a$12 Google Play Credit for $50 at Costco
      We had to pull out a calculator and do the math to realize that half of $50 is $25, meaning that each of the individual devices in this 2-pack meet our predictions. Hooray, us! Even better is that you get a $12 Google Play credit on top of that, so you can immediately start streaming a movie rental to your TV.

    The sales for Daraz.pk and Homeshopping.pk start off at 27th November and the Souq.ae deals start at 25th November. The more products retailers buy in, the lower the prices they pay, and the better the deals for us punters. So if you’re after a new laptop, you’d be wise to wait until Black Friday because the deals are likely to be better even than Black Friday 2014. You’ll still need to be quick off the mark to get the best bargains though – allow us to be your guide on that score! You can also expect superb deals on 4K TVs, laptops, PS4 and Xbox One console bundles, Chromecasts, iPads and smartphones as well. It’s time to empty your money-banks and start searching for the coveted deals. May the odds be ever in your favor!

    By Usman Khalid


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