5 Underrated Bollywood Actors Who Have Contributed To The Industry


A famous Bollywood actor, Shahid Kapoor, replied to a nosy reporter about his status and stardom in the words,’ If I am underrated then it is only because of the class system present in the Bollywood industry. This has made it possible for only those actors who are successful and release super-hit films to be appreciated.’ Well, you have to agree with Shahid bhai on this one. Bollywood, throughout the years, has achieved unparalleled success with its mega blockbusters and superstar hits but somewhere underneath all the glittering spotlights and the red velvet carpets are hidden the true golden gems whose value far surpasses that of the artificial diamonds. These underrated actors of the industry are the unsung heroes who continue to work and contribute and accomplish but are rarely applauded or received a standing ovation.


FIVE UNDERRATED BOLLYWOOD ACTORS  WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE INDUSTRYA fun fact that very few people know about Ronit Roy, a dashing, handsome stud on whom the adage ‘growing more attractive as time passes’ can be justly applied, is that apart from being an outstanding actor he also owns a security business and supplies above standard security for Bollywood actor’s houses and production studios. He won the Filmfare and ZeeCine Award for his work in the successful film ‘Udaan’ in 2011 and has been much appreciated in movies as a supporting actor.



FIVE UNDERRATED BOLLYWOOD ACTORS  WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE INDUSTRYWorking as a television presenter as well as an Indian film actor, Anil or Anu Kapoor is best remembered in the film industry for the phenomenal performance he delivered in the hit 2013 film ‘Vicky Donor’. He won several awards including Star Guild and IIFA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting role.



FIVE UNDERRATED BOLLYWOOD ACTORS  WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE INDUSTRYAnother underrated actor that the Bollywood industry failed to appreciate is Manoj Joshi who has been sidelined as a minor comedian and has worked in over 60 films since his initial career jump in 1998. He is best recognized in the famous films like ‘Hulchul’ and ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ as the cause for the audience dying from bubbling, infectious laughter.


FIVE UNDERRATED BOLLYWOOD ACTORS  WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE INDUSTRYAbhay Deol and his daunting dimple have won the hearts of many females over the years but failed to impress the critics enough for him to achieve stardom status. Even though he comes from a family that has its roots firmly entrenched in the Bollywood industry, Abhay was unsuccessful in leaving his mark. He has been acclaimed for his work as an actor who understands and justifies complex characters and as a promising producer. He was nominated as the best actor in a supporting role by Filmfare and IIFA in the film ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’.


FIVE UNDERRATED BOLLYWOOD ACTORS  WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE INDUSTRYA model, an actor and a dancer all combined into one enticing package titled Sushant Singh. He is an icon and a beacon of hope for small TV serial actors looking to work on the big screen. Through his hard work and struggle, he is a source of inspiration for many. A fellow actor states regarding his successful transition from serial dramas to Indian films that,’ I am very proud of what he is accomplished. He has opened up the unique possibility of TV actors scoring good work in Bollywood’.

By Mehar Abbas



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