Problems Faced By Sleep Deprieved People


    If you are wondering what sleep deprivation is or whether it is worrisome? You are close to your answer. Below are the five major problems faced by sleep deprived people. Sleep deprivation in general, is a state where one does not manage to get enough sleep. There are a lot of adverse effects of this growing pandemic, some of which include;



    sleep deprivedSleep deprivation may even pave the road to heart diseases. Lack of sleep irregulates stress hormone level causing high blood pressure. Sleeping less may be fatal and cause accidental death due to heart failure. One may get a stroke. At other times your mood will be irritable and you might doze off at work the following day. An inflammatory protein increases in blood which would ultimately result in atherosclerosis (a condition when cholesterol and cell waste build up inside the blood vessels). Atherosclerosis in heart vessels may unfortunately increase the possibility of heart attack. By sleeping less, one actually puts the heart at risk.



    sleep deprived Are you worried about dark circles, wrinkled skin, reduced freshness on face? Increase your sleeping hours. Skin aging is almost imminent with chronic sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation results in the release of stress hormone, ‘Cortisol’ in abnormal amounts. Cortisol breaks collagen, a protein in your skin. This abates the skin’s elasticity and smoothness. Repair of tissues slows down. The most prominent sign is puffy bags under eyes and dark eye-circles. Skin gets dry and ‘more’ visible wrinkles. Inflammation may result in increased acne breakouts and skin sensitivity.



    sleep deprived Chronic lung disease is worsened with sleep deprivation. The level of influenza antibodies are reduced to less than half due to sleep deprivation. These antibodies are basically the agents in our body that fight against influenza commonly known as flu. People who sleep less have poor immunity as the body does not achieve adequate rest. They do not conserve sufficient energy. Researches have shown that sleep decreases infection from flu.


    1. OBESITY

    obesityObesity is the state of being over-weight. Less sleep increases Cortisol (stress hormone) and lowers another hormone Leptin. Leptin tells the brain that you’ve had enough food and inhibits hunger. This hormonal change stimulates appetite and lust to eat more. As a result, more Insulin is produced to convert Glucose (food) to storage molecule. In addition, obese people are at an elevated risk of developing type-2-Diabetes. Further, they are also tired to exercise and keep taking in more calories. Being awake in the night, sleep deprived people are more liable to take more calories. On the contrary, you should burn calories when you are awake as body processes are more active. But you in take enough calories to outweigh those lost. Studies have shown that if a person sleeps less than 7 hours a night, he is more likely to gain weight.



    dumbs you downMost significantly, lack of sleep makes you dumb. Sleep plays a major role in soothing your brain. It has critical part in thinking and learning. Lack of sleep results in attention being impaired and makes it hard to concentrate, reason and reduces your problem solving ability. It is necessary to take adequate sleep to remember what you learned and experienced during the day. I guess this point is vital for students preparing for tomorrow’s exam and sitting up late in night. Sleep deprived people have less ability to form new memories. They face cognitive dysfunction where they find trouble in verbal recall and basic arithmetic problems. They become short-tempered as an effect. If sleep deprivation persists, risk of hallucinations increases and suicidal thoughts might occur.

    Sleep deprivation is detrimental to one’s health. Each individual should take 7 hours of sleep at night at least. Less than 6 hours of sleep will only welcome risks and do no good. One should always remember “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise!”

    By Muhammad Tanzeel Ul Haque

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