Top Five Pakistani RJs

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‘What are you listening to?’ my friend asked. I replied, ’Not what. Who. Have you not heard his shows? He is like the latest sensational sensation in the Pakistani radio world.’ And it was then as she stared at me with a blank expression as if I was talking about the mystery behind the Bermuda triangle that I vowed to educate the world about the wonders of the Pakistani radio. A tall claim, indeed, so let us start with baby steps as we read this informative article and find out about some of the best Pakistani RJs, their inspirations and dreams and how they started out the wonderful and amazing journey that culminated in them rocking music, laughter and hope into people’s lives with their voice and words.

  1. Wes Malik

TOP FIVE PAKISTANI RJs‘Being on air is opportunity that many would kill for.’

Starting his career in 1998 on FM101, Awais Malik feels that he was drawn to his career by the call of destiny and is devoted to focusing on making his shows expressive, entertaining and enlightening. He is a specialist in music and claims that Karavan is his favorite rock and roll band. He believes in getting your message across to people not by your voice or words but through your actions. He strives to emphasize on Pakistani citizens who struggle each and every day to improve their community, city and country and this was highlighted in his show called The Drive Thru’s Super Citizen of the Week aired on CityFM89.

  1. Shahpara Salim

TOP FIVE PAKISTANI RJs‘Radio broadcasting is my thing. I was born to be an RJ.’

Shahpara has made a name for herself in the Pakistani radio world that started with her working at PTV in 2004 and learning the experience and skill she needed to excel in the industry. She is the famously praised director of the patriotic song ‘Tujhse Pakistan’ and a much-sought after professor at NCA in the field of production and fine arts. She joined Samaa FM in 2012 and maintains a balance between her home life and her professional career. Travel and baking are the two loves of her life and she is filled with gratitude towards the men in her life who were a strong pillar of support at her back without which, she says, she would not have been able to achieve such success. The three qualities used to describe her frequently are loving, humble and experienced in her work.

  1. Beenish Khan

TOP FIVE PAKISTANI RJs‘Radio for me is the air that I breathe.’

Starring with her co-host, Ali Asghar, in the most highly rated show on FM91 called Munch on Lunch, Beenish is a passionate and happy-go-lucky girl who had the good fortune of transforming a friendly compatibility with her college mate and best friend into a successful show that has been on air for more than seven years and is still running strong. She loves country music and anything Italian is a treat for her tastes. She believes in celebrating your individuality and uniqueness and encourages people to be themselves and this message of originality is what she conveys through her shows. Apart from such deep thoughts, her biggest dream in life is to meet Salman Khan and interview him. Can’t blame a girl for her dreams.

  1. Attique Ur Rehman Bhatti

TOP FIVE PAKISTANI RJs‘The radio is what it is all about.’

Attique-ur-Rehman Bhatti more famously known as RJ Bhatti is a cool and stylish Gemini who has been working as an RJ for FM94.6 for more than a decade and has recently become a part of the team of Suno Pakistan 89.4. He is a charming conversationalist who indulges in witty humor to entertain his guests on the show, the avid listeners and fans he has accumulated in his long career in the radio broadcasting world. His favorite hobbies include riding a horse, playing cricket and being a dare-devil for fun by off Roding on a Jeep.

  1. ImranHassan

TOP FIVE PAKISTANI RJs‘I want to make the radio world shine.’

Better known as RJ mMani, Imran started his career in 2006 with FM101 and is currently ruling the hearts of young listeners all over the country with his energetic and passionate show called ‘Jagoo with mMani’. His love for music prompted him to release two hit singles Naatey and Naina that have taken his fans by a storm. 2007 saw him joining the PTV team and he is now an employed Prime Time news anchor for the Pakistan National channel. He won the prestigious award for the best DJ/RJ of FM93 in the same year and firmly believes that being Muslim is a source of pride for him.

By Mehar Abbas


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