5 Reasons Why Beating India Would Be Difficult


    After a disappointing show in the Asia cup, Pakistan team got off to a perfect start in the World T20 2016, defeating Bangladesh by 55 runs. On the other hand Indian cricket team had a disappointing start in the tournament, suffering a defeat at the hands of New Zealand in their first match. All eyes are now on the big clash between the two teams this Saturday. While the Pakistan team has the upper hand in terms of momentum, here are 5 reasons why it will still be difficult for Pakistan to beat India.

    1. Home Conditions

    Pakistan teamRegardless of the conditions the Indian cricket team is one of the most difficult opposition to beat for any side in the world, in their own conditions however, Indians are nearly impossible to beat. Despite tournaments like IPL Indian players are still best at reading their home conditions. In contrast to the wicket in Nagpur, where India lost to New Zealand, the batting wicket of Eden Gardens will help the Indian batsman to regain their form and tackle the Pakistani bowling much more easily. Furthermore, the support from the home crowd will also help the men in blue to bounce back making it difficult for Pakistan to defeat their arch rivals.

    1. Past record

    Pakistan teamPakistan team might have an upper hand now however; the previous record will play in to the minds of the players as Pakistan has never beaten India in a world cup. Past record will give the Indian team a psychological edge over Pakistan. Plus Head to Head Pakistan and India have played 7 T20 internationals out of which India has won 6 of them. While cricket is a game in which the team that is better on the day wins, these records will definitely influence the body language and dressing room morale of both sides, factors that will ultimately impact the result of the game.

    1. Team combination

    12064371_1080461981975469_1690405160_n (1)Traditionally an India vs. Pakistan Match has always been about Pakistan bowling vs. Indian batting however, the conditions this time will mean that the side which has an edge in batting will have an advantage. Chasing has always been Pakistan’s weakness on the other hand Indian team has always been good at chasing. Pakistan bowling is strong however, this time the Indian bowling is also equally capable. Indian spinners are some of the best spinners in the world plus with the inclusion of Jasprit Bumrah and Ashish Nehra Indian fast bowling is not as weak as it used to be. Inclusion of Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja also means that the Indian squad has more depth than the Pakistani squad. While Pakistan has a very strong fast bowling line up and a promising all-rounder in the form of Imad Waseem, lack of a proper spinner will hurt the chances of men in green. Afridi’s return to form is a good sign for the Pakistan team however; his unpredictability means that the team cannot always rely on him. All these factors mean that the Indian team has a better team combination than Pakistan thus, making them a better side on paper.

    1. Down but not out

    12674226_1080461998642134_1024337628_nMany fans will point out to the fact that the Indian team is coming of a loss against New Zealand however; they suffered a defeat at the hands of arguably the best side of the tournament. The defeat in no way means that the Indian team is weak. On the contrary Indian team is still one of the best sides in the tournament. On the other hand Pakistan has faced Bangladesh, a team that has come a long way however, Bangladesh is still a relatively weaker team away from home conditions. Despite defeat the Indian team will come out swinging tomorrow and it will be up to Pakistan to contain them.

    1. Do or Die situation for India

    12721791_1080461968642137_488623966_nThe match against Pakistan will be a do or die situation for India as in case of a loss, Indian team’s chances of qualifying in the semifinal will reduce significantly. This factor will mean that the Indian team will put in all the efforts as they have everything to lose. While this does put pressure on MS Dhoni’s men it also means they only have one way forward and often times these situation bring out the best in a team.

    Indeed, all these factors will have a significant impact in the big match. As fans it is important to hope for the best. Indian team has lost their first match however; they lost to arguably the best team in the tournament. The men in blue are still very capable to rebound and give a strong performance in the big match. For Pakistan it is important to stick to the basics and stay positive, if they do that than they can break a long standing record.

    By Abdul Basit


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