Ten Best Comedy Scene In The History Of Bollywood

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They say it is the balm to the soul. They say it exercises the facial muscles. They say it relaxes the mind. Yes, I am talking about the one and only laughter. Such a small insignificant thing that is so important to living. Without laughter the world will lose its color and the sky will weep with tragic loss. Laughter; it invigorates us when we are feeling tired, makes us happy when we are sad, helps us feel when we have given up. So today let us come together to pay tribute to this entity that makes our lives worth living. Follow us on this journey as we discover the famous Bollywood super stars and their striving efforts to bring laughter in the lives of their audience. Let us simply celebrate life and laugh and laugh and laugh.


Ten Best Comedy Scene In  The History Of BollywoodThis hilarious scene is from the famous laughter-filled, stomach-hurting, jaw-aching, tears-rolling movie Hera Pheri. Paresh Rawal is in the role of the outrageously comical Babu Rao Ganpat Rao Apte who with his pristine white dhoti, his ever-present glasses and his oversimplified logic has won the smile of every face who has seen him on the big screen. In this scene, Babu Rao gets a phone call in his Star Garage and the caller asks for devi prasad to which Babu Rao unflailingly replies why would the Devi’s prasad be in a garage, you fool. A prasad is found in the mandir ( Indian worship temple). See, can’t really fault the guy on his logical reasoning.


Ten Best Comedy Scene In  The History Of BollywoodThis scene is taken from the movie Dhamal. For wanna be sellers and marketers, this clip is your nirvana. It shows an irrepressible wit rolled up in fluffs of comedy as Ritesh Deshmukh and Arshad Warsi endeavor to successfully sell a painting to an oblivious person in a funeral setting. The painting is of a beautiful and majestic horse grazing on fresh green grass. But the catch is that the painting is….not a painting. So how do the pair make 20,000 Rs from a blank canvas ? Here is the secret. The horse ate the grass and the horse went away because what is the point of staying after the belly is full ? But no worries, when the grass grows again the horse will come back. So work with water, sunshine and soil and keep a weather eye on the horizon for a horse with an empty stomach.


Ten Best Comedy Scene In  The History Of BollywoodThis scene is from the sequel to the film Hera Pheri titled Phir Hera Pheri where once again the trio of Paresh Rawal, Sunil Shetty and Akshay Kumar dissolve the audience into fits of laughter with their antics. Now we all know that its rude to talk if you have suppari in your mouth, right? So Paresh Rawal in his perpetually blunt and candid manner orders a gun totting, dangerous criminal to spit it out first and remember his manners. Of course after his friends clarify to him that the criminal has been born with a supaari in his mouth and does not come with any subtitles, Baabu Rao adamantly refuses to give bees laat meaning 20 lakhs to the mob boss. Ah, Paresh, you and your principles. No bees laat, no bees lakh.


Ten Best Comedy Scene In  The History Of BollywoodThis scene is taken from the jovial, comical, mirth-filled movie Andaz Apna Apna. The night is old, the darkness is penetrating and the silence is loud as Amir Khan and Salman Khan in the role of Amar and Prem respectively wait for the blackmailer to arrive. Now Prem wants to leave that haunted place. Not because he is afraid of the dark but because he has to answer an urgent nature’s call. The blackmailer, Paresh Rawal, arrives clad in black and demands the money but of course Amar and Prem are not kaatchey khilaari so they demand to see the hostage first. However, when they see the gun their tune quickly changes and the money exchanges hands. Money that amounts to a total of 8000 Rs because according to Amar the Don’s plan is completely wrong. He states ‘You should have kidnapped the daughter and held her for ransom, not the father’. The scene ends with the freed hostage, Amar and Prem struggling and struggling to fit on the small bike and Paresh Rawal speeding off…alone.


Ten Best Comedy Scene In  The History Of BollywoodThis scene is from the movie Dil Chahta Hai where Saif Ali Khan as Sameer is back from Goa and his concerned friends arrive at his house only to see that he has locked himself in his room amid gloom and melancholy. They demand to know what has happened and so begins Sameer’s tale of woe and woman. Sameer and the love of his life, Christine, spend a blissful day at the beach and he invites her back to his hotel room for more fun. But her idea of entertainment is slightly different. She leaves the poor guy gagged and tied in his underwear on the floor while she and her partner rob him blind. Amir Khan laughs so much that he falls off the bed, literally.


Ten Best Comedy Scene In  The History Of BollywoodThis scene is taken from the film Lage Raho Munna Bhai where Sanjay Dutt and his second-hand man Arshad Warsi play the famous roles of Munna Bhai and Circuit. Munna bhai storms into a cancelled wedding where the Baraat is just about to leave because the truth was revealed. He gets in the father of the groom’s face and begs and pleads to let the marriage go on but to no avail. Out of the heavily decorated car steps a suit and tie wearing man who claims that the wedding cannot happen because the bride and groom’s stars do not align do not match. What does the skeptical and truth-loving Munna bhai do ? He orders Circuit to put a gun on the famous clairvoyant’s head and tells him not to worry as he has predicted he won’t die in the next ten seconds. The guy promptly faints at the 9th second.


TTen Best Comedy Scene In  The History Of Bollywoodhis scene is taken from the hilarious film Welcome. The scene starts with Gr Ghungroo’s (Paresh Rawal) wife stating that she is going to the beauty parlor to which he replies,’ Of course you are because whenever I talk about the budget, you always remember the beauty parlor’. Dr Ghungroo soon, receives a phone call from Majno Bhai, who demands 4 crore rupees from him as protection money. Paresh vehemently informs the man neither your father nor your mother have left the money in my ladies boutique. He further goes on insulting the man as his lackeys die from laughter in the background.


Ten Best Comedy Scene In  The History Of BollywoodThis scene is taken from the film Bade miyaan Chote miyaan where we welcome the sight for sore eyes; the pair of Amitabh Bachan and Govinda. The charming, enigmatic and witty duo stroll with aplomb into a chor bazaar and promptly ask a man with a pregnant tummy where they can sell chori ka maal. Now where did they get the maal, you ask? Oh that’s simple as Govinda explains-they robbed a train. Pay attention, a railway train not a plane because he fears if the maal falls from the plane in the sky it will break.


Ten Best Comedy Scene In  The History Of BollywoodThis scene is taken from the famous movie Zindagi na Milaygi Dobara, a rare and exquisite mix of humor, fun and genius along with slices of life as food for thought. The three studs are in a station bathroom and a stiff suit wearing a tie and carrying a leather bag walks in and Abhay Deol suddenly announces,’ Follow my lead’. What follows is a recap of their golden days in college ten years ago as they unanimously point to the urinal and start madly shouting, screaming and running for the door. The poor foreigner gets scared out of his mind and hurriedly follows them outside with his pants still unzipped only to realize he has been pranked. But hey don’t blame the guys because they are mentally the sick.


Ten Best Comedy Scene In  The History Of BollywoodThis scene is from the full of laughter and jokes movie Chup Chup ke. Scared to go to the hospital? Well you have every reason to be. Look what happens to Paresh Rawal when he goes to the hospital and sits in the waiting room as a perfectly healthy man. Within ten minutes, however, his health is a different story as he gets his head banged on the pillar by a broken arm, gets kicked in the back by a broken leg in cast and finally his working, and functioning tooth is taken out by the dentist in a case of mistaken identity. Hospitals truly are a nightmare.

By Mehar Abbas

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