How many of us drink the right amount of water? Well to answer that question you may want to ask another question like ‘how much water is the right amount for me?’ The amount of water we have to drink depends upon our age, gender, weight, physical activity and most importantly the surrounding atmosphere. Generally, 2500-3000 ml of water is ideal for an average adult. Luckily, today you will figure out five ways of keeping in this range in the correct way. You can check your body water content by examining your urine color. It may sound awkward but this is the easiest method to stay safe from many diseases. Clear or pale yellow colored urine is a good sign. The darker the color the more dehydrated your body. Considering the weather of Karachi currently, there is a legitimate threat of dehydration due to a heat stroke therefore here are some of the ways you can prevent dehydration;

    1. Set up an alarm

    set-up-alarm-blackberry-970-clock-set-timeYup, an alarm is the best reminder for anything. You can set it up for every two hours or may be less but not more. There are apps available for this particular purpose at the app store. These apps can be downloaded for free and in a fraction of time. You will find yourself on cloud nine once you have the app in your little pocket device. They allow you to set up a reminder and calculate the correct amount of water you’ll need. A monthly statistical analysis is available for you to note your progress. By the way, I am not marketing the app stores; it just turns out to be one of the best ways of keeping a track on your water input.


    1. Balance your diet

    prevent dehydrationBalancing your daily food intake is not only vital for keeping yourself hydrated but also prevents you from many diseases (e.g. diabetes, hypertension and CHD).

    A low table-salt diet is very productive. Table-salt is composed of sodium chloride out of which sodium is responsible for disturbing water level in blood. Due to high levels of sodium in the body, cells need excess water to maintain the water potential. Dehydration of the cells causes extreme thirst and eventually nausea and dizziness. The layman indication is extreme thirst which will make you drink more water. This may seem good but is very wrong in the long run. When I see people on the breakfast table sprinkling excess salt on their omelettes and desi gravy, it scares the daylights out of me. Salt is part of every meat and canned by-product. You may have experienced thirst in form of dry mouth after having a leg roast or hunter beef. This is because of the excessive salt. Sauces like soy sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise contain salt. According to the consensus of many health organisations, 1500 mg of sodium is the maximum you should eat. On the contrary, what we eat is far greater than this tiny amount.

    Avoiding a high protein diet is another way to prevent dehydration. If you take a protein-rich dish, you must drink enough water to dilute your urine. However, the latter point will overload the kidneys with work. It should be clear that proteins do not harm the kidneys, excess water does! More proteins make urine that is more concentrated and your body dehydrates by urinating often. Another detrimental effect is that protein appears in urine a condition called proteinuria. Consult your doctor to take the correct amount of protein.

    1. Fruitify your days

    grocery vegetable fruitsFruits contain considerable amount of water. There are many fruits that have notable amount of water content, melon, apple, raspberry, mango, coconut, kiwi, grapefruit, orange, lemon, grapes to name a few. Taking an apple and orange in the morning will refresh you for half of the day. Even vegetables like cucumber, coriander and mint provide water. Fruits are a natural and healthy way to begin your day. It provides you adequate carbs and much water. Citrus fruits are mainly water and fibre. A rooh afza drink will also be refreshing for the body after a workout. It may not sound music to your ears but fruit juices are not healthy. They do not provide essential fibres but an excess amount of carbs. Consequently, they increase weight. To make your juice a little productive, dilute the fresh juice with plain water. This will keep you hydrated and provide a unique taste (reminding you that juices are still not healthy). Bananas and dates are high in potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte and helps maintain hydration. These fruits do not provide H2O but keep you hydrated in other ways.

    1. Do not gulp altogether

    prevent dehydration Imagine yourself become dehydrated and you faint. The doctor may give you a drip. Even though you need hydration quickly, the doctor gave you a drip, which is to DRIP! Soon water level rises and electrolyte level balances.

    Similarly, taking large amounts of water orally in one go is not at all a wise step. It may cause stomach upsetting and vomiting. Some people forget to drink water periodically and gulp a full jar when they get the time. This will not prevent dehydration. It will cause excess water to diffuse in cells and cells will swell. Brain cells’ swelling will be serious and requires immediate medical attention. The body will overload the kidneys with work. Sodium level will imbalance. A woman lost her life when she drank around 7.5 litres of water in a competition to win a Nintendo Wii console for her children. She drank all of that in one go and nearly won the contest. However, she died at the spot. If not death, too much water intake quickly can result in coma. It is always advisable to keep the realistic approach and divide water intake throughout the day. One should take less water before going to bed at night to avoid getting up for urinating in the mid of night. Take water before meals but not after having a full course. It will slow digestion if we drink water after eating.


    1. Make your water interesting

    prevent dehydration You can transform your water into a new refreshing flavor each day. This is a unique and healthy way to keep you hydrated and fit. Make your water interesting by simply adding a sliced or chopped fruit in your water bottle. Tear up some mint leaves, rinse them in water, and add them to your water bottle. Now wait for half an hour and take your water bottle at work. This is a great way to have water. Other possible ways are adding a sliced lemon or grapefruit. You can use a few drops of rose water. Take fresh orange slices and toss them in your glass like ice cubes. You may add watermelon chunks with lime slices and let them settle for 30 minutes. I am confident that you will try these amazing techniques to hydrate your body. By using these natural fruits, one can also obtain many vitamins and minerals. Coconut water (natural) is also a beneficial source of water and electrolytes. You can try freezing cubed pineapples or watermelons and use them as ice cubes. There are endless ways to edit your water, but the main point is to consume water.

    Therefore, it is not difficult to prevent dehydration only if we stick to a schedule. I would ask you to drink a glass of water now to start the change from today. Go and refresh yourself. Experience a mint leaf.

    By Muhammad Tanzeel-Ul-Haque

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