5 Times Hafiz Hamdullah Lost His Cool on National Television


    A few days back Hafiz Hamdullah (who is a member of senate) had a verbal spat with Marvi Sirmed, a rights campaigner, on national television. The two were discussing the absence of the Council of Islamic Ideology when Hamdullah went on to abuse Marvi Sirmed and even threatened to hit her. Immediately, after the show, people took to social media to voice their disapproval of Hamdullah’s behavior however, this isn’t the first time the JUI- F senate has lost his cool on TV. So let’s take a look at some of the other times Hafiz Hamdullah has been involved in fights on national TV.

    1. Fight Against Amir Liaquat

    5 Times Hafiz Hamdullah Lost His Cool on National TelevisionEarlier this year Hafiz Hamdullah had a fiery exchange of words with none other than Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain. The fight started when Hamdullah sarcastically called the popular host a religious scholar and then went on to claim that a resolution against a verse of Quran had been passed on Amir Liaquat’s show. The two then went back and forth exchanging words as the host of the show tried to request both individuals to calm down. Eventually, the conversation was put to an end after Amir Liaquat requested the JUI-F member to refrain from personal attacks.

    1. Fight against Fareehia Idrees

    5 Times Hafiz Hamdullah Lost His Cool on National TelevisionEver since the Women protection bill came into existence there has been widespread criticism by the Islamic ideology council. The CII was quick to declare the bill as un-Islamic. Once again it was up to Hamdullah to defend CII’s stance however, the situation turned over its head when the host of the show Fareehia Idrees asked Hamdullah about the flaws within the bill. Once again instead of answering the question he resorted to hurling accusations at the host for misdemeanor. Rather than staying back and defending his stance, Hamdullah once again lost his cool and left the show abruptly. In many ways the walkout was a pre cursor to what happened with Marvi Sirmed later.

    1. Fight against Sahibzada Hamid Raza

    5 Times Hafiz Hamdullah Lost His Cool on National TelevisionThis one was a fight between two maulanas. Hamid Raza a member of Sunni Ittehad council got in to an argument with Hamdullah over Tahir Ashrafi’s conflict with CII chairmen Maulana Sherani. Things turned ugly when once again Hamdullah started using personal attacks against Hamid Raza leading to a bitter argument between the two.




    1. Fight against Arif Alvi

    5 Times Hafiz Hamdullah Lost His Cool on National TelevisionWe are beginning to sense a pattern over here now. Once again Hamdullah took up an argument on live National Television with PTI member Arif Alvi. This time he accused Alvi of using foul language against him and decided that the best way to retort was to get into another argument.





    1. Fight against Marvi Sirmed

    5 Times Hafiz Hamdullah Lost His Cool on National TelevisionThe fight which has become the talk of the town as of late occurred last week on June 10th when Hamdullah appeared on 10PM with Nadia Mirza. The panel also included activist Marvi Sirmed, Faiz ul Hassan and Barrister Masroor Shah. The debate was about recent honor killings where an emotional Masroor Shah minced no words in criticizing CII Chief Maulana Sherani going as far as to say that “Sherani had gone into a slumber after smoking weed”. This obviously miffed Hamdullah however what completely triggered his temper was when Marvi Sirmed starting giving her point of view by saying that she agreed with what Shah was saying. As soon as these first few words left Sirmed’s mouth all hell broke loose with Hamdullah completely losing control. He openly insulted Marvi Sirmed, cursed her on live Television and if some reports are to be believed, even tried to hit Sirmed. Why did this happen, you ask, it is very simple, because Sirmed had the audacity to disagree with Hamdullah.

    By Abdul Ghani


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