5 Eid Traditions that have died over the years


    Things have changed drastically over the years, with technology taking over our lives and our prides taking over our relationships. From capturing pictures with the camera reel to selfies, from watching ‘ainak wala jinn’ to Ramadhan transmissions, from annoying and loud alarm clocks to waking up with smartphone alarms, from Madam Noor Jahan to Justin Bieber, from Nokia 3310 to iPhone 6 Plus and from playing outdoors between Asar and Maghrib to Candy Crush addiction, nothing seems like it used to be when we were young and although things have become faster and easier, let us admit that some part of us always wants to go back to the ‘good old days’. From all the things that have faded, ‘family time’ is just the one I miss a lot. Come, let us walk through the pages of history and taste the lost Eid traditions, we have unconsciously been missing!

    1. No More ‘Karak karak Eidi’

    180106Not long before, Eid meant lots of ‘Eidi’ and back then I was happy with ‘10 10 wale note’. Still remember waking up early and waiting for all the men of the family to come back from Eid prayer and empty their pockets. The joy and excitement was unmatched and the essence of the moment when everyone hugged and wished ‘Eid Mubarak’ early morning could not be imitated any other time of year. Loved how the Eidi notes were always ‘karak’, in gorgeous envelopes and with lots of love and oh not to forget when your mother would dodge you by saying that she would keep your money safe and then never returned *Cries a river*.

    Relatives, why you no give Eidi anymore?


    2. Mouthwatering ‘Sawaiyyan and Chuharey’ Breakfast, We Miss You!

    eid_feastOne of the most unfortunate trends, over the years, is the change in the Eid meals. From ‘desi ghee k parathey’, ‘sooji ka halwa’, ‘sawaiyyan’, ‘sheerkhorma’, ‘chuharey’ and ‘baisan k laddu’ to ready-to-eat frozen food items, the joy of rich food is lost somewhere. Remember the times when you waited to get done with Eid prayer, so you could eat all the yummy, homemade, dishes ready at home? Yeah, we miss that too!

    Please, Mommy dearest, do not give up on the dishes your make!


    3. Stitched Clothes taking over ‘Aslam Darzi’

    EidAll of us can relate to ‘Baji, bijli nahi thi. Kapre nahi siley’, ‘Aap tension na len. Mai abhi tayar kar deta hun pyaari baji k liye’. Ha-Ha. Tailors become the most important people around Eid with all the ladies going gaga over them, from paying as much as they ask for to getting their clothes before Ramadhan and days before Eid, so the tailor does not refuse to stitch them, from calling him every other day to remind him of your clothes to praying he stitches them well. Now that there are lots of designers making gorgeous and affordable clothes, the trend of purchasing stitched and ready-to-wear clothes has increased, with no more running after the tailors.

    Poor Aslam Darzi!


    4. Meetings and Greetings to Facebook Wishes

    EidRemember when three days of Eid meant visiting ‘Dadi ka ghar’, ‘Nani ka ghar’, Khala’s and Mamu’s, neighbors and everyone you probably knew. Eid was all about different clothes for each day, inviting people over and taking it as an opportunity to strengthen the ties. With time, it shifted to calling people to greet ‘Eid Mubarak’ and eventually all we do now is put a Facebook status or send text messages, letting go of the very purpose of Eid. Oh, not to forget the Eid Mubarak cards, which were mandatory among friends.

    ‘Utha to dosto is dushmani ko mehfil se, shikayaton k bhulane ko Eid aai hai’


    5. Fading Mehendi and Chaand Raat Rituals

    EidThe famous stalls at Meena Bazar and the ones at Gulf Shopping Center and Agha’s Supermarket were long known for their Chaand Raat celebrations. The crowded stalls of Mehendi and bangles, with families spending their Chaand Raat shopping and enjoying, was in itself a gorgeous sight. Sadly, the shopping malls and salons at every corner have taken over the joy and how unfortunate it is that we no longer love putting Mehendi, just so we don’t look ‘desi’.


    By Tayyaba Aslam




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