Top 5 Overrated Bollywood Actors


Fame is such a controversial word. Sometimes fame is given to people who deserve it and they earn that fame through hardwork and their abundant skills and bountiful talents. But for some fame is not earned but rather handed to them on a silver platter. Simply said they are famous for being famous. Today we look into the list for top five overrated actors in Bollywood who are insanely famous and some of the fans have no idea why.


TOP Top 5 Overrated Bollywood ActorsA critic once said that Shahrukh Khan does not act, he over-acts. The King of Bollywood was once a great sensation due to his phenomenal blockbusters and hit films in the 1990s but since then all the fame and the stardom has gone to his head. These days Shahrukh is seen acting in films alongside actors half his age and his on-screen love interests look more like his daughters. His fans still support him loyally but many believe that his golden days are over and he should gracefully retire and not take on roles that do not suit him just to gain more money and power.


TOP Top 5 Overrated Bollywood ActorsA perfect example of how hard work in a gym paves the way to superstardom. Salman Khan is one of the khans of Bollywood and his films which have no plot only action are blockbusters but it boggles the mind how he has managed to achieve his stardom. His acting skills are sub-par and he cannot even dance smoothly, rather his moves are more synchronized with a stiff robot. His speaking skills are slow and repetitive with his face always arranged in one single expression that lasts throughout the duration of the film. It is a reasonable guess to make that the fans are more impressed with the ease he has in taking off his shirt and his six-pack abs and bulging biceps than his talent and skill.


TOP Top 5 Overrated Bollywood ActorsAn actor who has let his work define him, Amir Khan is known for choosing great roles that motivate and encourage and entertain but his good choices do not mean that he is an equally good actor. His philanthropic ways and his struggles for humanity have earned him the title of a good human being but as a superstar that is doubtful. The fans call him Mr. Perfectionist but in his career Amir has acted in several films that have failed on the bigger screen. Good looks and a superb script and amazing co-stars cannot hide a lack of talent and versatility.


TOP Top 5 Overrated Bollywood ActorsAishwarya Rai was a model prior to her entry into the Bollywood industry and that is quite imaginable when one takes into consideration her grayish green eyes, the sharp cut of her face and her elegant stature but apart from being a beauty, Aishwarya has no other talents to boast of. She is famous for her classical dance style that rivals Madhuri Dixit but her acting skills have fallen short of the mark. Her voice comes out childish and her emotions are reserved and immature yet she has continued to be front page news for years in the industry. One can only wonder why.


TOP Top 5 Overrated Bollywood ActorsKatrina Kaif is an English beauty who has found fame in the Bollywood industry simply for being beautiful. Katrina Kaif with her clear skin and gorgeous features has shown the fans that she has no real acting talent with her stone-faced delivery of dialogues and the monotonous roles that she chooses for herself. Her halting Hindi and mildly adorable mannerisms may have won the hearts of many young teenage boys but the critics and the mature audience members are in no way impressed by the so-called Bollywood girl.

In conclusion, we would like to remind the audience that this is an unbiased list based on public rather than personal opinion so kindly keep an open mind and share your suggestions with us in the comment section below.

By Mehar Abbas


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