3 Things Every University Student Should Know


    Let us accept the fact that we have always wanted to grow up because the authority and freedom that apparently comes along with age is seductive. I, as a child, have secretly prayed to hibernate for as long as it takes for me to get into college and have all the fun but once I did, it turned out to be ‘khoda pahar, nikla chooha’ in the beginning. The first day was the most horrible one and I almost cried out of surprise, disappointment and sadness because the university was nothing like I had fantasized it. It wasn’t bad but it was different than what I imagined it like and to date, when I am about to graduate, every day unfolds a new page of the university and its life, sometimes leaving you in utter shock, but now that I have breathed it, I am writing this article to help the newbies, in fact all the university students to know what and what not to expect from the most important educational period of their life!

    1.     Take Your Time to Make Friends

    3 Things Every University Student Should KnowRemember, ‘you are known by the company you keep’ and ‘friends are the family you choose’. The person sitting next to you in the first class may be very friendly and helpful, but you are an adult now and should be able to identify who you can hang along with and who wouldn’t share the bowl of soup with you. Do not be cheesy with people just because you need to make friends or exchange hearts in the first week for the sake of it. Rather, relax and learn to be a lone warrior! Over the period of time, you will learn who you can trust and rely on, who shouldn’t be given access to, who you can ask for favors and who can prove to be a tough bite for you.

    2.     You Have to Study More Than Ever

    3 Things Every University Student Should KnowI thought university life meant skipping classes, studying at the last moment, not having to worry about grades, having fun with friends and ‘chilling’ but oh darling, I was so wrong. It is a constant competition with everyone, even your friends, that too for one mark or even less. Every day, every night, you have to worry about the assignment due tomorrow, the quiz that you have no idea about, mid-terms, term reports, presentations, attendance, final exams and what not! And you know what is worst? You just cannot have fun or enjoy your university life until you are doing well academically. Imagine getting bad grades and enjoying at the sports day, while you just failed the quiz? It does not work that way. You have to study till you graduate, you have to study every day!

    3.     Grades Aren’t Worth a Bad Health or Ruined Friendships

    3 Things Every University Student Should KnowOver the period of your graduation, you would face a tradeoff between your grades and your friendships or your health, more than often, and you MUST never choose your grades, never! A 4 CGPA may not give you the happiness and satisfaction that helping your friend or having a good sleep would *Ha-Ha*. Do not complain if your friend did not do his part in the group assignment, because you may not know the chaos he might be going through. You may report a usual spam, but it is fine if someone has been unable to do their part once or twice. If you are dead asleep, your dark circles reaching to your cheeks, your mind all saturated, your fingers hurting but you have a quiz tomorrow, relax and go to sleep! Just sleep, okay? As much as it is great to get gold metals, but if you don’t have your friends cherishing it with you or a fine health to live it, what good are your medals?

    By Tayyaba Aslam


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