5 Bollywood Characters That Deserve Their Own Movies


Normally in Bollywood movies the focus is essentially on the main leads and why shouldn’t it be? After all these are the characters around whom the story revolves. However, every once in a while there comes a movie where the supporting characters are almost as compelling as the main leads. Here are some of the most memorable supporting characters who deserve their own movies.

  1. Bhiku Matre:

5 Bollywood Characters That Deserve Their Own MoviesRam Gopal Verma has always been known as an out of the box film maker. Back in 1995 he invented a whole new genre of movies known as the ‘Mumbai noir’ with Satya. The movie was a complete departure from the Bollywood formula with an unknown cast. Although the titular character was portrayed by J.D Chakravarthy, it was Manoj Bajpaye with his Bhiku Matre character who received the highest praise. Bajpaye’s portrayal of the hotheaded gangster immediately launched him into stardom. Matre was unlike any other character seen on screen before. He was a hot headed gangster who killed people in cold blood yet was scared of his wife. He is a ruthless gangster who is willing to go against his own boss and yet a father of two kids with a goofy sense of humor. In short, Bhiku Matre was a three dimensional character and Bajpaye’s portrayal of the character serves as a blueprint for all similar performances.

  1. Circuit:

5 Bollywood Characters That Deserve Their Own MoviesMunna Bhai series was responsible for Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi’s career resurgence. While the series revolved around the idealistic gangster Munna Bhai, it was Circuit his sidekick who ended up generating the most comic moments in the movie. Circuit had some of the best lines in both the first and the second movie and his goofy sense of humor served as a great foil to Munna’s idealism. Audiences loved Circuit’s blind devotion to his ‘bhai’ to the point where the Munna bhai series feels incomplete without Circuit.

  1. Gabbar Singh:

5 Bollywood Characters That Deserve Their Own MoviesWhenever one talks about the greatest performances in Indian cinema, Amjad Khan’s Gabbar Singh is always mentioned. The character is one of the greatest villains in Indian cinema and such is the power of Amjad Khan’s performance that even after 40 years Gabbar Singh remains the most popular character of Sholay. The character had the best lines with some of them being used in day to day conversation. Although, recently a movie was made by the name of ‘Gabbar is back’ however, what the audiences truly want to see is the return of the Character himself with all of his ruthlessness.

  1. Uday Shetty:

5 Bollywood Characters That Deserve Their Own MoviesWelcome is another movie in the long line of mindless goofy movies but what really made the movie memorable was the duo of Uday Shetty and Majno bhai. Among the two Uday Shetty portrayed by Nana Patekar was particularly memorable. Shetty is a gullible mafia don desperate to get his sister married by any means necessary which obviously results in some really funny moments. His interplay with Anil Kapoor’s Majno bhai particularly made the two characters loveable. The strength of the two characters can be seen in the fact that in the sequel the lead character portrayed by Akshay Kumar was not present but Uday and Majno were still there. The scenes where Uday tries to make it as an actor in the original movie had the audiences in hysterics and Patekar’s performance was one of the most well received by the audiences and critics alike.

  1. Naghma Khatoon:

5 Bollywood Characters That Deserve Their Own MoviesLike Ram Gopal Verma, Anurag Kashyap is known for his offbeat movies. His biggest success came in the form of Gangs of Wasseypur. The movie had some very interesting characters and one of them was Naghma Khatoon portrayed by Richa Chadda. Naghma is the weary wife of Sardar Khan who isn’t afraid of anyone. She is loud, abrasive and brash who plays a key role in pushing her own son towards a life of crime. Richa Chadda’s performance was one of the most well received in a film which had talented actors like Nawaazuddin Siddique and Manoj Bajpaye amongst the cast.

Do you agree with our list? Do you feel that there are other supporting actors who also deserve their own movie? Let us know your opinions and stay tuned to GenY for more articles.

By Abdul Ghani


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