5 Worst Sequels In The History Of Bollywood


The last decade has seen an increasing number of sequels within Bollywood. The corporate culture of Bollywood seeks to maximize the profits and sequels provide them with that opportunity. The sequels allow studios and directors to cash in on established characters that are beloved by the audiences and therefore ensure the sale of tickets. However, not every sequel guarantees success. Here is the list of sequels which only ended up damaging their respective series.

  1. Phir Hera Pheri

5 Worst Sequels In The History Of BollywoodWho could forget Hera Pheri. The movie single handedly revived Akshay Kumar’s career and established Paaresh Rawal as an undisputed king of comedy. The exploits of Raju, Shyam and Babu Rao Ganpat Rao left the audiences in hysterics and it was a no brainer that we will soon see the sequel. The audiences had to wait for six years before they got a glimpse of ‘Phir Hera Pheri’. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely not! For starters the hype for the sequel had already diminished due to the delay in production of the sequel furthermore, the sequel had eschewed the earlier movie’s emotional moments for juvenile humor. While most people remember Hera Pheri for Paresh Rawal’s weary drunk character the sequel reduces his role to that of a petulant man child with no brain. The first movie gave equal amount of attention to each and every single character whereas the sequel focused far too much on Akshay Kumar and the process ended up making Shyam and Babu Rao nothing more than glorified sidekicks.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two movies is that they were directed by two different directors. This is evident with the difference in styles between the two movies. While the first movie was an intelligent and almost satirical in nature, the second one was slapstick. The movie would still be considered an above average sequel had it not been for the third act which takes place in a circus. The third act singlehandedly destroyed the movie and subsequently tarnished the legacy of the first movie. No wonder we still haven’t seen the threequel.

  1. Dabangg 2

5 Worst Sequels In The History Of BollywoodDabangg is the movie that reinvented Salman Khan. It was the movie which established the man as the biggest superstar to ever grace the screens. Unlike the other Salman Khan movies it was a critical success as well with a lot of praise going to the director Abhinav Kashyap. How do you follow up a movie which is a trend setter? Simple you make the same movie all over again and release it as a sequel. This in a nutshell describes Dabangg 2.

Dabangg 2 is not outright bad; however, its biggest crime is the fact that it does not offer anything new to the audiences. In fact, it ends up reducing the characters from the original to mere caricatures that fit the prototypical ‘Happy Bollywood family’. The first movie had Chulbul Pandey a badass corrupt police officer who hated his step brother and stepfather. The sequel instead reduces Pandey to an Indian version of Superman. Again like the previous entry Dabangg 2 suffers the most due to the change in direction. Abhinav Kashyap’s initial vision for Dabangg was an art house movie which was later changed to resemble a masala movie. After Arbaaz Khan took over, the vision was further skewered to appeal to the ‘Bhai fans’. There have been rumors that the third part would be a prequel with a different director.  Will it work? Who knows for now the name Dabangg will only induce yawns.

  1. Satya 2

5 Worst Sequels In The History Of BollywoodRam Gopal Verma was once the most well respected alternative director in Bollywood. His movies were different from the lot and were a showcase for the director’s creativity. The crowned jewel of the director’s filmography was Satya which gave birth to the ‘Mumbai Noir’ genre of cinema. However since the last decade the director has only been known for his debacles. The director has tarnished his own image with a string of failures. Amongst these failures lies Satya 2.

You can be forgiven for not even knowing that the movie had a sequel in the first place because it was a sequel only in name. The movie did not have any connection to the original apart from the name which further cements the idea that the title was just an opportunity to cash in on the name and the goodwill of the original. The actors were terrible and the plot indecipherable. The film could not establish any kind of characters and was basically nothing more than a dud like the rest of RGV movies.

  1. Raaz 3

5 Worst Sequels In The History Of BollywoodNot exactly a sequel but then again there is rarely any kind of connection between Bollywood sequels anyway. The movie saw the return of Bipasha Basu to the series only this time as an antagonist. While the first two movies had an element of noir with focus on hidden character motivations, the third movie was the exact opposite with focus on some of the most clichéd Bollywood tropes like jealousy within the film industry and black magic. The horrible performances didn’t do the movie any favors either. The first two movies had an atmosphere which made them intriguing but none of these were present in the third movie which instead relied upon crappy CGI. Perhaps that is the reason why the series is receiving a reboot. Is it a step in the right direction? Only time will tell.

  1. Dhoom2 (3)

5 Worst Sequels In The History Of BollywoodThis one is certainly controversial to say the least. The movie was a massive success and paved the way for an even bigger success which was Dhoom 3. However, in many ways the movie established certain tropes which completely ruined the series in terms of credibility. The first movie was the first of its kind, with a stellar cast which gave equal amount of time to all of its characters. Unlike Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan in the sequels, John Abraham did not hog all the limelight and his character to this day is the only real villain in the series. In retrospect it was a smart move to not give any back story to John Abraham’s character as it established him as a villain you wanted to see defeated. This allowed the audiences to root for the protagonist.

Dhoom 2 and 3 on the other hand established the idea of anti-heroes within the series. Perhaps it was a way to pander to the demands of Roshan and Khan who both happened to be bigger stars than Abraham. The makers probably were trying to ensure that the fans of the two stars were not disappointed and they did so by giving the entire spotlight to the villains. This inadvertently damaged the character of Jai and Ali who seemed to be more of supporting characters as opposed to the actual protagonists. Now we are hearing that Salman Khan has been roped in to appear in the fourth film showing the trend will further continue.

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By Abdul Ghani



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