Living in a Patriarchal Society


    WomenAlmost every single girl living in a male dominant society has heard this sentence a million times; you can’t stay out till late because you are a girl, you cannot go abroad because you are a girl, you cannot sit at dhabas with your friends and crack jokes because you are a girl, you cannot laugh oh-so-loudly because you are a girl, you cannot marry a guy of your choice because you are a girl and so many other countless statements like this spare no girl even in the 21st century. It’s basically sad to know this gender discrimination in a society where a woman holds two Oscar Awards because of bringing awareness to such issues. This is a country, where a woman was the first lady Prime Minister of an Islamic nation in the whole world. This is a country where thousands of girls are pilots and officers, a country where female literacy rate is increasing day by day. But is that all? Ladies and Gentlemen, we are talking about the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Alas! It is the country where hundreds of girls/female infants are raped brutally every single day and sadly the ratio of these crimes is increasing too.

    My question is why a girl, a victim has to face all the consequences of any misfortune that is known or unknown toWomen her? Why is the world so unjust? Let me give you an example of everyday life a girl has to go through. Imagine an 18 years old girl walking on a street on her way to home and she is followed by a group of boys x-raying her body, whistling and passing inappropriate comments (Let me add here it’s very normal for a girl in the world of today). Then when she gets home all sweating in torture and nervousness, she is the one to be blamed because at the end of the day ‘she is a girl’. Her mother will ask her to start wearing a Hijab, her father will scold her because she should have covered because it is never a guy’s fault and her siblings will taunt her and forget the society it has never been so fair.

    Here I am not debating about how a woman is harassed or in what ways men are wrong or society is terrible. My only concern here is how a girl has to suffer about the things she has never done.

    I believe there is nothing a girl cannot do. The formation of both the genders is different and therefore, God has divided work between the two of them but that doesn’t make any one gender superior over the other in fact, it should lead to equality. The society needs to provide equal rights socially, domestically, physically, politically, religiously and psychologically. Tell a girl she cannot do something and I bet she will prove you wrong there and then.

    I am very proud of myself being a woman and of other people of my gender who have made it more than just possible to prove their existence in patriarchal society. I am emotionally and spiritually strong. I stand for the rights of my gender not because its superior but because it’s the most neglected and overlooked issue in our society. I can go without or with makeup, formally dressed or in pj’s whole day, read books and love to cook. I demand equality for both the genders to empower them in all aspects of life, nourish and polish their future.

    women empowermentGirls I just have one message for you, you are strong, independent and a very beautiful creation of the Almighty. Don’t let this world convince you that you’re not worth it. Your father is proud of you, your brother brags about you, your husband loves you and your son adores you! You are Fatima Jinnah. You are Benazir Bhutto. You are Abida Parveen. You are Muniba Mazari. You are Arfa Kareem. You are Bilqees Edhi. You are the Oscar Lady! You are Me and I am You. Be proud of who you are and cherish your womanhood forever for the hand that ROCKS the cradle is the hand that RULES the world!

    By Hira Zainab

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