College of Business Management Debate Championship


college of business management debate championshipAlways wanted to be a debater, always wanted to share your opinion with everyone, always wanted to own the stage, then here is your chance to show your skill to the world. Introducing college of business management debate championship, a 2 week parliamentary debate extravaganza, featuring 30 teams from the top institutions of the city competing for the most coveted prize in the debating circuit. The event is organized by the Literary and public speaking society at IOBM. LPSS aims to foster, promote and hone the skills and interests of writers, orators and literary enthusiasts among the student body. The society has come a long way in fulfilling this aim by providing students with diverse opportunities to both prove their talent and improve where they lack.

With CBMDC, LPSS aims to further its vision. The three day parliamentary event, combines the elements of competition, education, oratory and diplomacy and provides a perfect platform for both aspiring debaters and experienced campaigners to test their skills, and share their opinions on some of the most relevant subjects that effect the world in the modern day, under the supervision of the most phenomenal panel of adjudicators in town.

In the end, we only regret the chances we don’t take, so don’t miss this opportunity and register now.  The registration forms of the CBMDC’16 are available online and can be accessed through the Facebook page of the event. The registration fee per team is R.s 2500/- and the deadline to apply is 1st November. You can also register through the website


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