Five Worst Bollywood Movies – FIVE WORST BOLLYWOOD MOVIES-PART 2


I have to admit, when I first wrote part one of the titular series I never expected the kind of reaction that we received. Clearly, we ruffled some feathers and annoyed quite a few of our readers when we labeled some of their favorite movies as the worst ever. While there were people who didn’t agree with our list, there were many others who made suggestions with regards to movies that according to them should have made the list and quite rightly so. After all, Bollywood has numerous examples of absolute disasters which can only be categorized as an assault on the senses. Quite surprisingly some of these movies performed decently at the box office however they certainly haven’t aged well. Therefore without further ado, we present five worst Bollywood movies;

  1. Mela

Five Worst Bollywood Movies - FIVE WORST BOLLYWOOD MOVIES-PARTS 2For most people, Aamir khan is the epitome of perfection. In the eyes of his fans the man can do no wrong, however, one only needs to view this gem to come to the realization that Mr. Perfectionist is not so perfect after all. The movie was so bad that it single-handedly destroyed Faisal Khan career and forced Twinkle Khanna (the heroine) into retirement. The makers of the movie tried to resort to the established formula and tried their level best to imitate the classic movie ‘Sholay’.

Yeah and let us tell you that this is probably the only song in the movie which is marginally better. This brings us to another problem that is the title song of the movie which keeps coming up in the movie at different stages. The song is quite annoying and needless to say quite stupid. Add to that the cringe-worthy humor from the movie such as this and you have a movie which is a black mark on Aamir Khan’s filmography.

  1. Humshakals

Five Worst Bollywood Movies - FIVE WORST BOLLYWOOD MOVIES-PARTS 2Sajid Khan has widely stated that he is a people’s director and he only makes the kind of movies that people want to watch. It was with the same mentality that he unleashed this disaster of a movie on the unsuspecting masses. The director was probably under the delusion that he could sell anything to the masses under the guise of a family entertainer. The movie was supposed to be homage to legends of comedy like Peter Sellers etc. These people must surely be rolling in their graves. Saif Ali Khan plays the role of a failed stand-up comic Ashok in the movie and one only needs to hear his jokes to know why nobody can tolerate his act. Nobody except for the brain dead Shanaya (Tamannah Bhatia) that is. But not to worry because Ashok is a millionaire. Like every other Bollywood movie, there is an evil conniving family member who wants to inherit all the wealth and in this case that relative is Kunwar Amar Nath Singh (Kans get it!!!) played by Ram Kapoor. The relative has his nephew and best friend played by Ritesh Deshmukh incarcerated in a mental asylum. What follows is something that cannot simply be described in words. The gags are incredibly childish and in some cases quite offensive. Only Sajid Khan could come up with something as juvenile as cocaine ke parathe and think that it is funny. When the movie was released all the cast members disowned the movie while some even went as far as to say that it was the worst experience of their lives. Since then Sajid Khan has maintained a relatively low profile and one hopes that he continues to do so for the mental wellbeing of the cinema-going audiences.

  1. Mohabbatein

Five Worst Bollywood Movies - FIVE WORST BOLLYWOOD MOVIES-PARTS 2Like his father, Aditya Chopra has a knack for making epic love stories which are supposed to transcend time and space. Nothing wrong with that except Bollywood’s idea of love is fairly morbid and twisted. This is represented clearly in the character of Raj Aryan (SRK). The man is insane and delusion. Why else would he continue to see his long-dead girlfriend (Aishwarya Rai) throughout the movie? In due process, he nearly destroys the career and future of three of his students (Uday Chopra, Jimmy Shergill, and Jugal Hansraj). Add to that fact that he constantly accuses and reminds an old man about the death of his only daughter. The aforementioned old man is Narayan Shankar, portrayed by Amitabh Bachan, who happens to be the principal of one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. The man is quite stern and rigid (like most teachers). Rule breakers of the institution are punished quite severely, therefore, everyone is expected to tow the line. Everyone but Raj Aryan who happens to be what can only be described as a free bird (seriously the guy even has a problem with God). The guy instigates his students to get the girls they want no matter what. To heck with the fact they might be married, in a relationship or just plain uninterested.  Trivial matters such these don’t matter to a Raj Aryan.

  1. Yaadein

Five Worst Bollywood Movies - FIVE WORST BOLLYWOOD MOVIES-PARTS 2Subhash Ghai is known as the Showman. The man is known for his lavish productions, epic soundtracks, and beautiful locations. The director particularly likes to portray the divide between the East and West. Yaadein follows all of the typical Subhash Ghai troupes. Unfortunately, the movie is also filled with typical clichés. The rich people who live in London are quite obviously amoral and ungodly. The protagonist is an artist (actually a website designer but who cares) who feels for people less privileged than him and the lead actress is a brat who eventually softens up when she falls in love. Jackie Shroff portrays Raj who in his own words in a rural man from India who has lived his entire life in London. One wonders that if he really loved India so much then why he didn’t actually live there. Easily the most annoying part of the movie has to be the blatant product placement by sponsors like Coca-Cola and Pass Pass. Hrithik Roshan was at his peak at the time this movie was released and boy did this movie affect his momentum.

  1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Five Worst Bollywood Movies - FIVE WORST BOLLYWOOD MOVIES-PARTS 2“One man’s never ending journey to find a way out of the friend zone”. The statement alone describes the entire plot of the travesty known as Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Karan Johar movies are known for their glamor and candy floss emotions and this one is certainly no different. The lead characters are a bunch of bored rich people who have nothing to fight for in their lives and therefore keep each other amused under the guise of relationships. The movie marks the 100th time that Ranbir Kapoor portrays the character who comes off age towards the end of the movie. The journey might have been appealing had his character Ayann not been so insufferable.  The guy is supposed to be in his twenties and yet acts like a pre-pubescent. Same goes for Alizeh portrayed by Anushka Sharma. Can someone please tell Bollywood directors that being Bubbly and being stupid are not the same thing? All of the characters in the movie are shallow and selfish with no regards for others. Ayann has no intention to forget Alizeh while being with Sabah (Aishwarya Rai Bachan). In fact instead of moving on the guy go at lengths to make Alizeh jealous and actually gets violent when she doesn’t reciprocate. Bollywood has a strange fascination with the idea that pain and music are interrelated and the movies goes at length to emphasize this mentality upon the audiences. The only problem is that this theme was done in a much better way in Rockstar (which also starred Ranbir Kapoor). Karan Johar seems to be out of touch when it comes to friendships and relationships. The movie’s runtime doesn’t help either and after three hours one is left exhausted and irritated. Oh, and did we mention Fawad Khan is also there for like five minutes. False marketing much Bollywood?


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By Abdul Ghani



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