5 Songs We Wish To Hear In Coke Studio


Coke studio has become the cornerstone of Pakistani music scene in the last couple of years. Every year, the audiences desperately wait in anticipation regarding the artists and the songs that would be presented through the coke studio medium. Needless to say that over the years Coke Studio has successfully managed to reinvent classic songs which have managed to attract an entirely new generation of fans. So here is a look at five songs that we would like to hear in Coke Studio in the future:

  1. NA RE NA by Ali Azmat:

Post Junoon Ali Azmat went on to release two critically acclaimed albums; Social circus and Klashinfolk. Both the albums consisted of some amazing songs. On Social Circus, one track that attracted the most attention was the song Na Re Na. The song was easily the most successful track from the album and the accompanying video was played quite frequently on music channels. The song marked a stark contrast in terms of sound and presentation from Junoon and played a key role in establishing Ali Azmat as a solo musician. With the added contribution from some of the best musicians from the country the song has all the characteristics to become a successful Coke Studio creation.

  1. SANWAL by Mekaal Hassan Band:

Mekaal Hassan band made its debut in Coke Studio season 8, playing two new songs from their latest album with the new line-up. However, one only needs to look back at their previous albums to find some great hidden gems. In spite of being one of the best bands Pakistan has ever produced, Mekaal Hassan band has never really gained the kind of success that they truly deserved. Maybe a Coke Studio remake of their classic Sanwal might help bring the band the kind of fan following that they truly deserve. The song features Javad Bashir on vocals a man who happens to be one of the best vocalists in Pakistan along with one of Mekaal Hassan’s best guitar riffs.

  1. DO PAL KA JEEVAN by Vital Signs:

It’s truly strange that in spite of the fact that Rohail Hyatt was the producer of Coke Studio for 6 seasons we never once heard a single Vital Signs song in Coke Studio. While a proper Vital Signs reunion is impossible now due to the untimely death of Junaid Jamshed fans of the band would certainly love to hear a new version of the song as a tribute to one of Pakistan’s biggest pop icons. Do pal ka jeevan remains evergreen even after all these years and with its inspiring lyrics will surely introduce Vital Signs to a whole new generation of fans.

  1. HAMESHA by Entity Paradigm:

E.P made its Coke Studio debut in the 3rd season with an underwhelming performance of Sajad Ali’s Bolo Bolo. The song left the fans of the band disappointed and what better way to make up for that performance than by performing one of their biggest hits on the Coke Studio medium. Although the band ended quite a few years back but fans would certainly love to see the band come back for a one-off performance.

  1. MERA PYAR by Amir Zaki:

One of the most proficient guitar players in Pakistan, Amir Zaki has quite a reputation as a reclusive temperamental artist. Back in Coke Studio season, 7 Amir Zaki was the guest musician in Asrar’s song Sab Akho Ali Ali and Zohaib Hassan song Chehra. Zaki’s solos were the highlights of both of these songs and since then he has expressed the desire to reappear in Coke Studio and perform his biggest hit Mera Pyar. The Song appeared on Zakis debut album Signature and to this day is considered to be a classic.

Do you like the piece? Do let us know the songs you would like to hear in Coke Studio and stay tuned for more.


By Abdul Ghani


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