5 Reasons Why Pakistani Smartphone Users Use An iPhone


The iPhone is one of the most polarizing smartphones in the world. Millions of people love using it and at the same time, millions of people hate it. Whichever side you are on, it is hard to deny the fact that the Apple-made phone is extremely popular and reliable. People love using the iPhone because of its reliable user interface and great integration with other Apple products. In Pakistan however, the iPhone is used by the masses for entirely different reasons. So today, let us take a look at some of the reasons why the Pakistani smartphone users use an iPhone.

  1. Ais mein sab kuch chalta hai (Everything works on an iPhone)

5 Reasons Why Pakistani Smartphone Users Use An iPhoneYou often hear this cliché from the iPhone users in Pakistan that, everything works on an iPhone. Essentially, what they are referring to is the fact that things like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype work on an iPhone. Little do they know, that all these features and applications, will work on an Android device, which is available for half the price of an iPhone. Many iPhone users believe that some of the features they are using are exclusively available on their phone. While iPhone does support a great user experience, in contrast to what the iPhones fans in Pakistan believe, it is not the only phone to do so.

  1. It looks professional

5 Reasons Why Pakistani Smartphone Users Use An iPhoneOnly in Pakistan do people try to emphasize their professionalism through a phone. You can be late to a meeting, you can be rude to someone, and everything will be forgiven if you keep an iPhone on the table. While this is certainly not the case, the fact is that people carrying an iPhone believe that they look more professional and do have this mentality that they are creating an impression. At the end of the day, they don’t realize their behavior and conduct is what matters, rather than their phone.

  1. It’s easier to use

5 Reasons Why Pakistani Smartphone Users Use An iPhoneAnother popular belief among the iPhone users of the country is the fact that the iPhone is generally easier to use. While this claim was certainly true in 2012, in 2016, in terms of user experience, IOS and Android are closer than ever. Both platforms now support identical features and are on a level playing field after the release of IOS 10 and Android 7.0.  The only reason why an iPhone user sticks to IOS is because the smartphone users in Pakistan are resistant to change. Many of the iPhone users refuse to try any other phone just due to that fact that they have been using the Apple made phones since its inception. While there is nothing wrong with that it is the major reason why many people prefer it over other cheaper options.

  1. It has superior touch

5 Reasons Why Pakistani Smartphone Users Use An iPhoneTime and time again, I hear this from my friends who use an iPhone, that an iPhone supports superior touch sensitivity in comparison to other Android and Windows phones. While this was certainly true back in the era of the windows mobile, today, every phone uses a capacitive touch sensor thus; the level of touch sensitivity of a mid-range device is also similar to that of an iPhone. However, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to convince the iPhone users, that superior touch is no longer the competitive edge of the phone. The iPhone users still believe that iPhone displays are more responsive just because the first iPhone had an edge over other phones in terms of responsiveness.

  1. Because of the Apple Logo

5 Reasons Why Pakistani Smartphone Users Use An iPhone“You see the Apple logo behind, it signifies class”. Yup, that is what most iPhone users say when they are asked why they use the phone. People in Pakistan are status conscious and love grabbing the attention of others. Since the iPhone is an instantly recognizable gadget, it automatically becomes a desirable phone for many people. Thus, iPhone is bought not because of great user experience or exclusive features. On the contrary, people use it to show off and try to look cool because for some reason they think, grabbing people’s attention is more important than having a phone that works according to your needs.

Are you an iPhone user? If yes then why do you use an iPhone? Leave your opinion in the comments below and if you are not an iPhone user then here is an opportunity for you to tease your friends.


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