CBMUN 17: Harmonising Disunities


    CBMUN 17: Harmonising DisunitiesYou may have been wondering what MUNs are, since they are extremely à la mode amongst the youth. Put simply, MUN stands for Model United Nation. It is a simulation of a series of sessions in United Nations where students represent various countries as their respective delegates and debate upon a specific problem affecting the international community. A prominent aspect of an MUN is that the focus is not only on the debates alone but also on how official debates are conducted, what rules and procedures are to be followed and what formalities are required to be fulfilled in order to proceed with the committee. An MUN provides the opportunity to be familiar with the given international topic and to harness your skills, as it demands meticulous research, the art of diplomacy and a high level of public speaking skills. The ultimate goal of an MUN is to pass a draft resolution, approved and voted by the majority, where possible solutions regarding the given issue are laid down with a proper set of instructions and framework.

    It is essential to know that an MUN is not only an academic learning experience but also a recreational one. After the exhaustive debating sessions, participants eagerly await the socials. These usually include concerts, festivals, Beach trips, formal dinners and other various events. Socials play an important role in attracting the audience, however, the sole purpose of the socials is to promote the social interaction within the participants.

    After the rapid spread of MUNs, few are known for their indisputably high standards. Among them, CBMUN has always ensured its place on the list. CBMUN, which is an upcoming MUN going to be held at IoBM, Respected for its high-quality of debates, CBMUN will, as always, be filled with lively socials, eminent guest speakers, and beautiful committee rooms exceeding all expectations as they have never failed to impress. A standard MUN lasts three days but this year, CBMUN has decided on making it a four day event. It is rumored to be extra special this year, as it can be seen from the socials they have announced (the sabri brothers and umair jaswal have been officially announced in their social) let’s see what’s next.

    IoBM is considered as one of the best business institutes in Pakistan and certainly one should expect nothing less than the very model of perfection and efficiency in their event which are their core values on which the whole institution is founded upon.

    CBMUN 17: Harmonising Disunities


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