5 problems that you are likely to face with the ban on Careem and Uber


    The bubble has finally burst, for a moment we thought; Pakistan was finally in sync with the rest of the world. Alas! the Pakistani government as always in their eternal wisdom has found the means to create inconvenience for the general public. Earlier in the day, Punjab and Sindh government banned the popular taxi transport services Careem and Uber. The announcement was met with overwhelming disapproval from the masses, who voiced their opinions on Facebook and Twitter. So with the ban on these two convenient services, let us take a look at 5 problems that we will likely encounter in our daily lives.

    1. Back to the uncomfortable Rickshaw and Bus rides

    ban on Careem and UberOne of the primary reasons, why the popularity of Careem and Uber increased was because of how convenient the services were. All you had to do was to book a ride through the respective applications and in no time you were good to go. Moreover, the fact that you were traveling in a comfortable air conditioned car at extremely affordable rates, also made the service extremely attractive. However, with the ban on these services now, the only option available for us is to travel by public transport. The problem with public transport is that not only it is uncomfortable but in some cases, it’s also more expensive in comparison to Careem and Uber. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely tough to negotiate with rickshaw drivers and the fact that riding in public transport is like jumping off a thirty storey building which leads us to our next point.

    1. Safety and security

    ban on Careem and Uber“Arey Bhai Zara dekh ke chaloa upper ponchana hai kiya” Yes those are the words that are often said to rickshaw drivers in the country who drive recklessly in the quest to prove that they can be faster than Dominic Toretto. Moreover, the bus drivers aren’t too far behind who also drive recklessly on the road. All this simply means that public transport is far less secure and certainly more dangerous than Careem and Uber. A lot of people who I personally know have experienced theft of their smartphones and other belongings while traveling through a bus or an rickshaw. Moreover, a rickshaw driver once also tried to kidnap one of my friends who had to jump in the middle of the road for her safety. With Careem and Uber, all of us thought the concerns of safety and security were a thing of past but with the ban, it seems like we are likely to encounter these problems again.

    1. Return of CNG stations are closed excuse

    ban on Careem and Uber

    Sometimes the rickshaw drivers tend to demand outrageously high fares but when you try to negotiate with them, they often use the ace up their sleeves by mourning over the fact that the CNG stations are closed. With Careem and Uber, we already knew the mechanics of how the fare was calculated moreover; we also had the chance to check out the estimated fare. Guess now we would have to suffer again due to CNG strikes.



    1. Problems for those who invested in the services.

    careemWith the increase in the popularity of these services, a lot of people were beginning to invest and take up jobs as Careem and Uber drivers. The companies were creating employment and a lot of people were earning a decent amount of money by affiliating with the services. With the ban now chances are that a lot of individuals will find themselves out of jobs furthermore, a lot of people who had invested will lose out on their income.



    1. Increase in the fare of Careem and Uber

    Careem (1)In my opinion, the ban imposed on these services by Sindh and Punjab government wouldn’t last forever. Eventually, the services will return, however, since people would now have to pay taxes on cars registered for commercial purposes, we can expect the fare of these services to increase thus, making these services more expensive and less attractive. Affordability is the major reason for the growth of Careem and Uber and if the fare increases, a lot of people will avoid using the service.


    Did you use Uber and Careem? If yes then tell us some of the problems you will encounter because of the ban on these services, in the comments below.

    By Abdul Basit

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