Scarcity, Corruption or Mismanagement: What Is The Real Cause Of Water Issues Faced By Pakistan?


    Scarcity, Corruption or Mismanagement: What Is The Real Cause Of Water Issues Faced By Pakistan?Karachi: The Egalitarians society at the Institute of Business management (IOBM) organized a panel discussion on Monday to discuss the prevailing water crises that are troubling the country. The esteemed panel of guests included the Deputy Mayor Karachi Dr. Arshad Vohra, Dr. Shahida Wizarat, the Dean of IoBM’s College of Economics and Social Development (CESD), Dr. Ayesha Shaukat and Dr. Shahid Amjad.
    Very early in the discussion, the entire panel agreed that intervention by India wasn’t the major reason for the disruption in water supply. On the contrary, Dr. Shahid Amjad pointed out that lack of storage facilities within the country was the major reason for the water crisis. Due to lack of availability of dams, millions of gallons of water is wasted. The lack of dams also indirectly causes different calamities like floods which cause loss of lives and properties.
    Deputy Mayor Karachi Dr. Arshad Vohra stated that water tankers only further exacerbated the situation and rather than solving the problem permanently. He further stated that the situation was worse in Karachi and added that this situation should have been addressed almost a decade ago. He further iterated that the only reason why some work has been done in this regard is because 2018 is the election year and therefore now is the best time for political parties to score points with the general public.
    Scarcity, Corruption or Mismanagement: What Is The Real Cause Of Water Issues Faced By Pakistan?According to Doctor Shahista Wizarat, the corruption within the system and mismanagement of resources had resulted in the lack of water supply. The speaker stated that there is no dearth of resources within the country.
    Dr. Ayesha Shaukat seconded the opinion of her fellow speaker while stating that a superior management system could be the answer to fears of water scarcity. Not that but the lack of care of proper administration had also led to wastage of fertile land.
    Dr. Vohra also emphasized on the reformation of the Karachi Sewerage and Water board. Furthermore, he stated that future expansion projects within the city should also address the water dilemma.
    Adding to this, Dr. Wizarat stated that the administration needed to establish methods of collecting rainwater for reuse. She further reiterated the point that in Pakistan people were forced to consume goods which were not suitable Scarcity, Corruption or Mismanagement: What Is The Real Cause Of Water Issues Faced By Pakistan?for consumption in any other part of the world. This was essentially because of the lack of care on part of the government which was more focused on filling up their own pockets as opposed to taking steps for the betterment of the locals. The conditions have worsened to such an extent that recently Dawn published an article which stated that over 70% water samples, in 13 districts was found unfit for human consumption. She was vocal in her criticism of bureaucrats who were willing to accept bribes while endangering the lives of their fellow countrymen.
    All the speakers unanimously agreed that the people in power needed to work together to solve the problem rather than blame each other. The speakers also agreed that it was heartening to see the young generation taking an active role in trying to solve the problems of the city. The deputy mayor stated that it was a step in the right direction. The mayor was adamant that all criticism should be addressed in a proper manner and stated that the youth was the strength of the country.

    By Abdul Basit

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