Five Bollywood films of 2016 that disappointed us

Bollywood films

Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the world which churns out thousands of movies on yearly basis not just in Hindi but in various other languages as well. Needless to say, the movies are of varying quality considering the prolific nature of the industry. Because of such varying degrees of quality, the audiences prefer watching movies which consist of well-known actors who have been known to deliver the goods in the pasts. The audiences eagerly await their movies and flock to the theatre to see what’s in store for them this time around. Sometimes the actors knock it out of the park, however, every once in a while these actors perform in movies which generate quite a lot of hype but lack substance. Thus, here are 5 Bollywood films of 2016 that disappointed us.

  1. Ae dil hai mushkil

Five Worst Bollywood Movies - FIVE WORST BOLLYWOOD MOVIES-PARTS 2Karan Johar has always been a popular director for people who seek to retreat from their daily lives and are looking for two (or in some cases three) hours of escapism. Johar is known for telling the story of rich, glamorous people who have it all and yet are not content with their position in life. Ae dil hai mushkil offers nothing new and many would argue is a sign that the director is regressing instead of progressing. The movie certainly managed to attract the audiences but most people who saw it were put off by the annoying and selfish characters, the overlong storyline and over the top melodrama. The movie also suffered because of the political backlash from the Nationalist political parties in India but after seeing the story one feels that maybe the Party would have done the audiences a favor by not releasing it at all.

  1. Fitoor

Bollywood filmsA remake (Bollywood style!) of Charles Dickens literary classic Great Expectations the promos of the movie certainly got people excited. However, people who went ahead and saw the movie were thoroughly disappointed. Katrina Kaif is certainly a looker but she is not a very good actor. The movie had some amazing visuals but the story is boring and tedious. Plus maybe it is about time that Bollywood starts telling some new stories instead of repeating the same old poor boy falls in love with rich girl routine.

  1. Kahaani 2

Bollywood filmsKahani was a massive success back in the year 2012. It established Vidya Balan as one of the most versatile actresses in Bollywood and was a rare movie which balanced the artistic and commercial sensibilities of Indian cinema. Therefore hopes were high when the sequel of the movie was released in the year 2016. Unfortunately, the sequel failed to make the kind of splash that the prequel did. The movie was not as engaging as its prequel and the plot twists are not as unexpected. Furthermore, the movie lacked the compelling characters from the first film. Characters like Bob and Khan were integral parts of the prequel and their replacements lack the presence that the aforementioned characters had hence making Kahaani 2 an inferior product.

  1. Rock on 2

Bollywood filmsSpeaking of sequels people had high hopes with Rock on 2. The first movie was a surprise hit and paved the way for Farhan Akhter as a credible lead actor in Bollywood. The sequel, on the other hand, is filled with typical Bollywood melodrama and clichés. While the previous movie was all about music, the sequel is about Farhan Akhter being a savior of a village. What made Rock on so amazing was the fact that it was a cool and slick movie which represented the new age of Bollywood, however, the sequel, much like Ae dil hai mushkil, shows that with every single step that Bollywood takes forward, it takes two in the backward direction.

  1. Sultan

Bollywood filmsIt is almost impossible for a Salman Khan movie to be a failure. The man is one of the most revered actors in India and people will flock to watch his movies even if they are horrendous. Sultan is like any other Salman Khan starrer where Khan is a good natured Samaritan who suffers from a setback and then, in the end, bounces back from it. Sultan follows the trend and this time we see Khan in the avatar of a wrestler/mixed martial artist. Nobody expects Bollywood to have realistic situations but they really do push the limits when they treat MMA fights like Bollywood action sequences. The movie is supposed to be a cautionary tale about what pride does to a person but it’s hard to see the message when we are supposed to toot for the main lead. Salman Khan Movies also make no room for other actors and same is the case with Sultan where Anushka Sharma is just there to add to the melodrama. It probably goes without saying that Salman Khan’s gold-hearted underdog shtick is getting old and maybe it’s about time the star does something different.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know what you think and stay tuned to for more.

By Abdul Ghani

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