4 Funniest drop catches in the history of Pakistan cricket


Pakistani fielders are notorious for dropping simple catches at crucial moments of the game. Most times, these drop catches result in lost matches and cringe-worthy moments that fans aren’t able to forget for a long time. However, in some instances, these drop catches are so funny that one cannot help but die with laughter. Sometimes the Pakistani fielders even manage to outdo Kapil Sharma with their flawed techniques and strange antics on the field. So today, let us take a look at the 4 funniest drop catches in the history of Pakistan cricket.

  1. Saeed Ajmal and Shoaib Malik playing the waiting game

Defending a target of 274, Pakistan was in a comfortable position to secure another big win having already won the 3-0 match ODI series 2-0 against West Indies in 2008. The only thing standing between Pakistan and a white wash was Chris Gayle. The left-handed opener was in red hot form having already scored a century in the first game. All could have been over for the Windies though as on the second ball of the fifth over Chris Gayle mistimed a shot which went straight up in the air. Both Saeed Ajmal and Shoaib Malik ran towards the ball. Despite being closer and almost under the ball, Saeed Ajmal decided to pull out from the catch and the ball dropped between the two fielders. Words cannot simply describe the reaction on the face of Ajmal and Malik who knew they had missed out on a huge opportunity that could have caused the team to lose the match. Eventually, Gayle was dismissed for 122 and Pakistan managed to win the by 31 runs.

  1. Kamran Akmal again

Shoaib Akhtar and Matthew Hayden were on a collision course during the 2004 tour of Pakistan to Australia. The two players had an off-field altercation during the previous tour and coming into the first match, there was a lot of bad blood between the two. Shoaib Akhtar was the one to draw first blood after he dismissed the left-handed opener in both innings of the first game. The fiery paceman had the opportunity to continue his dominance over Hayden however; after setting him up with his quick pace Shoaib had created an opportunity after Hayden nicked one which went straight up in the year. The square leg fielder Salman Butt was converging on to the bowl but the wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal called for the catch. Despite making a diving effort, it was clear that Akmal was never close to the ball. He eventually dropped the catch and all the members of the team, especially Akhtar were furious with wicket keeper. The reaction on Akmal’s and Shoaib’s face was hilarious and eventually, Akhtar was able to claim his prize, dismissing Hayden for 9.

  1. Salman Butt juggling the ball

After losing the first game of the test series against New Zealand, Pakistan was on the back foot again, having scored only 264 runs in the first innings of the second game. Pakistani bowlers, however, got the team off to a good start claiming the first wicket with just two runs on the board. Mohammed Asif could have taken another wicket of Daniel Flynn had Salman Butt hold onto a simple catch at silly point. Butt juggled the bowl five to six times before finally grassing an easy opportunity to the delight of the crowd. The entire crowd burst out in laughter after seeing the replay except for the Pakistani players and the commentators who couldn’t believe how Butt dropped the ball.

  1. Shahid Afridi drops Kane Williamson

Ever since Mohammed Amir has returned, the left-arm fast bowler has seen a number of catches that have been dropped off his bowling. The trend of drop catches from Amir’s bowling started off with Shahid Afridi. Making his return to international cricket in the first T20 against New Zealand, Mohammed Amir had already shown he had lost none of the pace and swing that made him famous. The left-arm quick’s wait for return could have been over after Kane Williamson mistimed a shot which went straight up in the air. Afridi got under it and what should have been the end of Kane Williamson’s innings instead became a missed opportunity as Shahid Afridi dropped the simplest of the catch to the delight of the home crowd. The former Pakistan T20 captain himself couldn’t believe how he dropped the ball and the way he threw the ball up in the air in sheer disbelief made for a funny moment in the match.

So that concludes our list, which catch drop was the funniest? Leave your opinion in the comments below and follow GenY on all the social media channels to stay up to date with our latest content.

By Abdul Basit

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