Top Ten WrestleMania Moments Of All Time


For fans of pro-wrestling WrestleMania is equivalent to the super bowl. It is the flagship show of the World Wrestling Entertainment and serves as the event on which all the major storylines are resolved and stars are made. Over the last 33 years, there have been several memorable WrestleMania moments which have become almost as iconic as the event itself. Here are some of those memorable moments;

  1. Donald Trump Shaves Vince McMahon head:

WrestlemaniaDonald Trump was a controversial figure long before he became the president of the United States. Although he had been associated with the WWE for a long time (he is friends with the chairman) it wasn’t until the year 2007 that he actually got involved in a storyline. The result: a billionaire versus a billionaire match where the loser was to get his head shaved. Trump had Bobby Lashley in his corner while McMahon had Umaga in his corner. However, the real star of the match was Stone Cold Steve Austin who served as the special guest referee. The match itself was nothing special but we doubt if people will forget the sight of Steve Austin giving a stunner to the future president.

  1. Mick Foley Speared Through a burning table:

WrestlemaniaMick Foley is a legend of pro wrestling; however, he never got the opportunity to steal the show at the biggest stage until his match with Edge at WrestleMania 22. The match was easily the best on the card with Edge spearing Mick Foley through a burning through a table which was set ablaze. The moment perfectly captures the hardcore spirit that made Mick Foley such a popular star.

  1. Edge spear to Jeff Hardy:

WrestlemaniaThe attitude era of wrestling was known for the fast paced action and the Hardy Boys along with Edge and Christian were a perfect embodiment of that style. The two teams along with the Dudley Boys clashed at WrestleMania 17 in table, ladders and chairs match. Jeff Hardy had gotten ahold of the belts but had the ladder pulled out from under him, leaving him dangling above the ring. Edge then climbed the re-positioned ladder, leapt off and speared Hardy, taking them both to the canvas and leaving fans aghast.

  1. Shawn Michaels boyhood dream:

WrestlemaniaShawn Michaels and Bret Harts rivalry is one of the most intense rivalries in sports entertainment. Both the men actually hated each other and yet managed to steal the show every time they were in the ring. Perhaps their most popular match was the iron man match that took place at WrestleMania 12. The conclusion of the match was a breakthrough for Shawn Michaels career who became the World champion for the first time in his career. Shawn Michaels entrance in the match was an iconic moment in its own right. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was at WrestleMania 12 that HBK became Mr. WrestleMania.

  1. Hulk Hogan body slams Andre the Giant:

WrestlemaniaThe contest which took place at WrestleMania 3 was not particularly athletic. Many would say that without the display of Hulk Hogan’s strength it wouldn’t have been a memorable match.  However regardless of what the critics say the sight of Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre the giant is and will always inspire awe amongst wrestling fans. The body slam that was heard all around the world established Hogan as one of the biggest pop culture icons in the United States.

  1. Shawn Michaels retires RicFlair:

WrestlemaniaRicFlair and Shawn Michaels are widely considered to be the greatest performers in pro wrestling. So, therefore, it was fitting that the two would clash at WrestleMania 24 with the stipulation that if Flair loses he would have to retire. One powerful Michaels super kicked felled Flair, “ending” an in-ring career that spanned nearly four decades. However, the truly iconic moment is what came next, with Flair and Michaels breaking down in tears in the ring and Michaels saying those words: “I’m sorry. I love you.”

  1. Steve Austin becomes the WWE Champion:

WrestlemaniaWrestleMania 14 will forever be remembered as the event which triggered the Austin era. It was at this event that Stone Cold Steve Austin won the WWE title for the first time. The match featured Mike Tyson as the special guest referee. The match represented a change of guard and highlighted the new direction that the WWE was moving towards, which would ultimately culminate into the Attitude era.

  1. The Rock versus Hulk Hogan:

WrestlemaniaHulk Hogan and The Rock are two of the most popular wrestling icons whose popularity went beyond the world of pro wrestling. Needless to say when the two icons clashed at WrestleMania 18 the fans went berserk. More than anything they were excited at the prospect of seeing Hulk Hogan perform at WrestleMania after such a long time and therefore ended up cheering for Hogan (who was the bad guy). The match served as a catalyst for the revival of Hulkamania and displayed the love and adulation that fans had for Hulk Hogan.

  1. The end of Undertaker’s Streak:

UndertakerIf there is one superstar who is the embodiment of WrestleMania then it is The Undertaker. The man was known for never losing at the big stage and his streak of 21 victories at WrestleMania is one of the most impressive feats in sports entertainment. Hence nobody was expecting any other outcome when Brock Lesnar faced The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. Fans were in for a shock as the referee counted the pinfall and announced Lesnar as the winner of the match. Lesnar’s victory was a major event which was covered by the mainstream news as well.

  1. Daniel Bryan becomes the champion:

WM30_Photo_374Daniel Bryan is one of the most unconventional superstars in WWE. He is completely opposite to the other superstars within the company and hence was the underdog since the day he entered the company. WWE did not seem to have much faith in him either with Bryan previously losing the World title match in just 18 seconds. However, his underdog gimmick grabbed the fan’s attention who wanted him to succeed. This resulted in Daniel Bryan competing in two matches at WrestleMania 30, one against Triple H and second against Randy Orton and Batista, and coming out on top. Rarely has pro wrestling managed to touch the viewers from an emotional point of view but Bryan’s victory was a high point and continues to remain one of the most popular WrestleMania moments ever.

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By Abdul Ghani

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