Popular Fads Which Became Obsolete In No Time


    When it comes to Generation Y, it seems as if our generation is not loyal to anything or anyone. We aren’t attached to anything we have in the current period. However, you’d still see your grandfather praising their old radio set, marbles or their old time pieces. In contrast, we seem to get hyped about things too quickly and lose interest as soon as that initial enthusiasm wanes. So today I’ll be talking about those things that came with a lot of hype in the market and just vanished all of a sudden; from games to toys I got it all for you in my top 5 list of viral products that came (and were forgotten) in the last 5 years.

    Blackberry messenger:

    BlackBerry-MessengerLet’s be honest, as kids we all wanted to get our hands on that sleek and professional looking Blackberry phone. Having one of those makes everything so sophisticated and being a user of BBM(blackberry messenger) was considered a matter of pride. On 21st June 2013 BBM was spotted on play store and guess what the whole world went crazy for it. You would remember all of your friends sharing their BBM pin on every social media platform they could find be it Facebook or Twitter. It was estimated that there were over 20M downloads in the 1st week making a total of 80M BBM users. CRAZY!

    However, the fever of BBM started to fade away over the period of time and it sort of vanished from all of our mobile phones or just became a mere useless app on our cell phones. Today millennial’s are more attached to apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

    Flappy Bird:

    Flappy_BirdNow this is a rare example of a successful game by a previously unknown, indie developer. Developed in Vietnam this game took over the virtual world completely. I still remember my friends would play it all day with level 1000 concentration. Some went on to score in triple figures however, my best was 5, sad.

    Here are quick stats to let you know how addictive and popular this game was:

    • Advertising revenue equivalent to $18m per year on an annual basis (Source:The Verge)
    • 50 million downloads by January 2014 (Source:BBC)
    • 68,000 reviews in app stores (Source: Zach Will)
    • 1 free game in app stores in 53 countries (Source: Mashable)
    • Flappy Birds founder Twitter followers 148k (Source: Twitter)


    However, the app was taken down by its developer because he felt that the game was being too addictive and it was made to make people relax but it happened to have an opposite effect. I think it has become a problem. To solve that problem, it’s best to take down Flappy Bird. It’s gone forever.”

    Pokemon Go:

    Pokemon Go“You teach me and I teach you, Pokémon, Gotta catch’em all” still gives you goose bumps no?  Pokémon Go was launched last year on July 6 2016 and although its beta version was only available in specific countries like USA UK and Japan, This app blew the roof off. It was an augmented reality game where you had to walk around to places to search for Pokémon.

    I still remember some of my friends travelling all the way from Bahadurabad to Zamzama park i.e, approximately 12km just to catch some Pokémon, Jeez! Who does that? But hey they were not the only crazy people I witnessed. The whole world was crazy about it

    Pokémon Go had around whooping 650 million download in its initial phrase which is enough to justify the craze people had for it and why should it not be? We all have grew up with Pikachu, squirtle and Charizard. However, 6 months after its launch Niantic, its developer reported that the active user count has fallen by over 70% which states one thing “It was a fad”

    Fidget spinner:

    Fidget spinnerWe have talked a lot about mobile apps and games, Now let’s talk about this new toy that has got the whole world drooling over it, Fidget was initially made for people who face autism and those who want to release their stress. Interestingly it turned out to be a source of fun for people. It’s basically a bearing that has blades attached so you can just spin it on your hand or maybe do some cool tricks. Fidget became so popular that around 45million units of it were sold.

    This is THE THING at the moment but people will eventually get over it just like they got over their school crush. People will eventually get bored or just give up.


    HousepartySo this thing pop-ed up on play store and IOS all of a sudden and began to take over the respective stores. House party is considered to be as a group video chat with a concept and a touch of Hip. It got nearly half a million users in just one week and the users kept swelling up as it reached out to rest of the world. Like most of the initial users, I thought “what exactly makes it different from Skype or face time?” Well, the theme and the concept was appealing, It was like a virtual party room where you can join any group of people you want and play music at the back and have a chat. It was basically “spontaneous togetherness”. It was thought to be the new way of social networking

    However, it soon lost its charm mainly because not everyone is a video chat sort of a person and the interaction becomes a lot more difficult. In my opinion, being a “keyboard warrior” is a lot easier than fact-to-face interaction. Eventually the user count fell by over 53% and like most of you it went off from my iPhone.


    By Sheheryar Marfani


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