K-Electric And Ramadan Go Hand In Hand- Here’s What People Have To Say About It


    It’s the month of Ramadan and if you’re living in Pakistan you know that it is the month of excessive ​load shedding and bashing K-Electric. So it wasn’t surprising when KE decided to give us an early Ramadan present and shutdown half of the city’s electricity on the first Sahoor of Ramadan. And obviously the people had a lot to say about that. Here are some of their reactions.

    When sarcasm is your language of communication

    Life of a Karachi wala:

    This woman compared KE to the Pharaoh (Firaun)

    When KE takes it upon itself to instill the fear of God in people

    This guy thinks the reason KE’s electric wires keep tripping is because they’re high.

    Finding faults in our ‘taar’

    The people were certainly not happy about the whole incident and weren’t afraid to voice their thoughts. Post in the comment section below and let us know your feelings on the whole KE issue.

    Hafsah Ashraf

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