Five reasons why we should be excited for Coke Studio season 10

Coke studio

Coke Studio is the premium Pakistani music show. The show is akin to an annual festival that everyone is eagerly awaiting. In a country where concerts and live gigs are a rarity, Coke Studio is the only platform which helps artists, connect with the audience. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed various collaborations between artists from different genres and the 10th season of the show appears to be continuing the trend. The tenth season of the show will be serving as the debut of certain artists along with bringing back some familiar faces. The tenth season looks promising enough and here are 5 major reasons why we should be excited for it;

  1. The return of Mekaal Hassan and Sajjad Ali:

Coke StudioIt goes without saying that Mekaal Hassan Band is one of the most musically talented acts within the Pakistan music scene. The critical darlings have established themselves as musical royalty not just in Pakistan but also in India. Not only that but Mekaal Hassan is a veteran of the industry and has served as the producer for many prominent artists in Pakistan. The prior credentials of Hassan are a major reason for the fans as this time around we will be seeing Hassan in the role of a producer. The same is the case for Sajjad Ali, another veteran who will be making his return to the platform after a pro longed absence. Sajjad Ali is widely considered to be the most versatile singer/composer in Pakistan and it would be exciting to see what he brings to the table in his role as the producer.

  1. The last performance of Aamir Zaki:

Coke StudioWidely considered to be the greatest guitar player that Pakistan ever produced, the tenth season of Coke Studio also marks the last time we will be seeing Aamir Zaki perform. The reclusive nature of the artist, along with sporadic recordings, prevented him from becoming a household name but for those who have heard his music, Aamir Zaki was a prodigy and someone who will probably never be replaced. His presence in Asrar’s “Sub Akho Ali Ali” alleviated the song to new heights while his solo was the highlight in the Coke Studio version of Zohaib Hassan’s “Chehra”.  The guitarist/composer passed away this past Ramzan at the age of 49 and it is fitting that he will bid farewell to the fans via the biggest musical platform in Pakistan.

  1. Salman Ahmad’s Coke Studio Debut:

Coke studioAli Azmat has been a mainstay on Coke Studio since its inception. However his estranged band mate Salman Ahmad will be appearing on the platform for the first time after all these years. In many ways it’s almost weird to see someone like Ahmad, who is a prominent figure in the industry, take so long to make his debut in Coke Studio but better late than never. If there anyone individual we want to see on this platform than it is Salman Ahmad, a man who pioneered Sufi rock music in Pakistan.  Audiences can surely expect an updated version of Junoon’s classics like “Sayonee” and “Saeen”. Moreover Ahmad, will also be sharing production responsibilities. The past few years have not been kind to Ahmad who has been responsible for the abysmal “Soul to Soul” and “Durr” and Coke Studio is the best platform for Salman Ahmad to redeem himself in the eyes of the fans.

  1. The return of Ataullah Khan Esakhelvi to Coke Studio:

Coke StudioIf there is one musician who deserves the legendary status than it has to be Ataullah Khan Esakhelvi. The singer is a recipient of the “Pride of Pakistan” and has a long list of popular hits like “Kameez teri Kaali” and “Who bahar ka zamana”. It would be interesting to see Coke Studio continuing it’s tradition of fusing different forms of music together with Khan collaborating with other artists from different genres. Who knows? Maybe we might see a new “Jugni” or “Aik Alif”. In the past Coke Studio has managed to expose folk artists like Arif Lohar to a wider audience, not merely limited to Pakistan, and here’s hoping that the upcoming season will do the same for Ataullah Khan Esakhelvi.

  1. The various tributes to heroes of Pakistan:

Coke StudioA common complaint amongst the artist community has been the fact that in Pakistan artists are not valued. They are not given the respect that they truly deserve. Coke studio seems to be aiming to change this perception with various artists paying tributes to legends of Pakistan like Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Junaid Jamshed and Mehdi Hassan in the upcoming season. Naturally, this means we will be seeing collaborations between different artists which is a good enough reason to get excited. If reports are to be believed then we will be seeing Ali Zafar, Ali Hamza and Strings join hands in paying tribute to Junaid Jamshed while Ali Sethi will be paying tribute to Mehdi Hassan. This reason alone is good enough to get the audiences excited for the upcoming season.

Do you agree with our list? Stay tuned to for more.

Ed’s note: We apologize for the mistake we made earlier where we stated that the tenth season was the debut of Ataullah Khan Esakhelvi. He has previously performed on the show.

By Abdul Ghani

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