Have A Craving For Something Sweet. Try The New Cornetto Ice-Cream At Dairy feast


    It has to be said that the people of our country have a very specific taste from which we don’t like to deviate. However, over the last couple of years we have witnessed various new trends emerging where people have become far more receptive to new tastes and are willing to try new and different items. One such trend is that of live ice cream. The last couple of years have seen an increasing number of ice cream parlors bringing this concept where the ice cream is made in the presence of the waiting customers immediately after the order is given.

    Keeping this concept, along with the popularity of Cornetto ice cream within the masses, in mind ‘Dairy Feast’ has introduced Cornetto ice cream flavor in its menu. As it has been mentioned previously, live ice cream is a relatively new concept in Pakistan and ‘Dairy Feast’ is one of the few ice cream parlors within the city of Karachi that utilize this concept. The taste of the ice cream is reminiscent of the classic Cornetto flavor but ‘Dairy Feast’ has wisely added touches of their own to avoid becoming a pale imitation. The result is a taste which lovers of classic Cornetto shall relish, while people who try it for the first time would certainly enjoy. For those who do not like this taste, there are plenty others on a menu which also consists of waffles and milk shakes among its list of contents. Along with that there are several other flavors on the menu such as Oreo lovers and Death by chocolate and it not an exaggeration when we say that each of them is a treat for the senses.

    The parlor is located in the prime location at Bahadurabad (Chaar Minaar Chowrangi) and has proper seating facilities for families and friends.



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