Five Bollywood movies that haven’t aged well

Bollywood movies

Over the last two decades, Bollywood has seen various changes in the way film-makers convey their stories to the general audiences. The nineties showed the plight of the common man while the 2000s paved the way for sequels, reboots and larger than life characters. It is quite obvious that many of the movies, and their themes, have become redundant with the changes in the way people act and live their lives. The current generation is very different from the generation that preceded it and naturally for them it is not easy to appreciate the classics from yesteryear. Therefore here is a look at Bollywood movies which have not aged well;

  1. Phir Hera Pheri:

Bollywood moviesThe first Hera Pheri was a classic and continues to entertain people even to this day. It introduced the audiences to classic characters like Babu bhaiya, Raju, and Shyam. The one-liners and jokes from the movie are regularly used in memes even to this day. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for its sequel. The sequel took everything that made the original great and in its place introduced childish humor with sequences where people of color and with disabilities were made fun of. Instead of carrying forward the legacy of the original the movie was merely reduced to another one of the generic ‘leave your brains at home’ fares. The ending at the circus with a guerrilla nonetheless is anything but funny and the fact that the movie is yet to get a sequel means we will never know the resolution to the final cliff hanger.

  1. Om Shanti Om:

Bollywood moviesMuch like her brother, Farah Khan thinks of herself as an entertainer who believes she gives people what they really want. She has been known for her lavish productions with characters that are over the top and loud. The film director’s biggest success came with the release of Om Shanti Om which starred the mega star Shahrukh Khan in the lead role. However today the movie is probably only remembered for the one song which featured all the Bollywood stars as well as being the movie which launched the career of Deepika Padukone. The plot of the movie borrowed heavily from the 1980 movie Karz with an out-dated storyline which involved reincarnation. Today the movie is nothing more than a footnote in SRK’s filmography. A huge hit at the time of its release but not something anyone intends to revisit anytime soon.

  1. Ta ra rum pum:

Bollywood moviesA perfect example of how not to raise your kids, the movie was an average grosser when it was first released. It starred Saif Ali Khan, an actor whose star was on the rise along with Rani Mukherji, who happened to be the top actress at that time. It had everything going for it. Add the plot involving Nascar and you have a recipe for Bollywood blockbuster courtesy Yash Raj. The plot involving a family going from riches to rags might have worked well at the time of its release but after all these years the movie has lost its relevance to the point of being a parody. Viewers watching it today would probably be revolted by the movie’s plot where parents fool their kids into believing that they are competing on a reality T.V show instead of moving back to their home country. If the movie intended to make any positive statements then they were lost on the general audiences who probably only remember the film as a one-time watch popcorn fare.

  1. Ghajini:

Bollywood moviesBack in the year, 2008 Ghajini was the biggest hit in Bollywood. The movie starred Aamir Khan who had appeared in a new look. The story of an individual suffering from short term memory loss was widely appreciated. The movie freely borrowed the basic premise from Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Memento which naturally meant that the audiences were quick to compare the two. Nine years later Memento continues to be hailed as a classic whereas the only thing that people remember about Ghajini is Aamir Khan’s look and his physique. The movie also kick started the trend of remaking southern movies which resulted in several abysmal productions. The grainy cinematography of the movie makes it look dated. The movie was also the debut of Asin who has since then all but disappeared.

  1. Bodyguard:

Bollywood moviesSalman Khan became the biggest Bollywood star since Dabangg with his career reaching new heights while the actor himself continued to appear as the same character in a series of interchangeable movies. Each of these movies featured Khan as a guy with a good heart who is basically God’s gift to mankind. Cheesy music, the item numbers, the shirt ripping and over the top action moments are the basic components of a Salman Khan movie. Needless to say Bodyguard is no different. The story of Lovely Singh was hard to watch at the time of its release and the viewing experience hasn’t improved over the years.

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By Abdul Ghani


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