5 reasons why Dairy Feast is the ultimate destination for Ice Cream lovers


It is undoubtedly a fact that Ice cream brings people together, it instills a feeling of happiness in one’s mind that cannot be explained with words. Regardless of whether you are a foodie or not, everyone has a taste for ice cream.  It is a must have at every gathering and is enjoyed by people of all ages. The addition of popular flavors has managed to attract greater number consumers towards the dairy products. Hence, keeping our love for ice cream in mind, let us take a look at the five reasons why ‘Dairy feast’ is a must try and the ultimate destination for all ice cream lovers in Karachi.

  1. I am already dead by chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate just like everyone likes ice cream. Dairy Feast has a wide variety of flavors which gives you several options to choose from but by far the death by chocolate flavor is something that you need to try.  The flavor gives you the choice between Kit Kat and Oreo and either choice is extremely delicious and a treat for the senses. The rich blend of creamy chocolate will leave your mouth watery, add to the fact that like all the other flavors, there is enough quantity to mesmerize your taste buds. We can assure you that there isn’t a better way to die than this!


  1. A perfect spot for sweet gossip

At Dairy Feast, not only the ice cream is perfect but the open-air seating arrangement with a beautiful view of the “Chaar Minaar Chowrangi” makes it a perfect spot for sweet gossip. Dairy Feast is a place where you would like to hang out with your friends and at the same time would love to take your family. The ambiance of the studio complements the Ice Cream and the quick service ensures that you don’t keep waiting. All these attributes make it a perfect place for gossips and hangouts over a roll of delicious ice cream.


  1. You also get waffles

Who said that the menu at Dairy Feast is only limited to ice cream? The parlor also offers waffles. The tasty treats are dripped with delicious toppings or chocolate which make them all the more enticing. A relatively new concept in town, waffles have become a rage in Karachi over the last couple of years with a very few number of ice cream parlors nailing the taste. Obviously, this list includes Dairy feast. This is one item on the menu you should give a shot. Speaking of not just being limited to waffles;


  1. The Boba milkshake

Dairy feast aims to ensure that there something for everyone who visits the parlor. What better way to do so than by offering milkshakes and that too in a wide variety of different flavors. These flavors range from chocolate and cold coffee to strawberry and vanilla. The main feature is obviously the boba milk shake which is basically a drink which comprises of tapioca pearls which have a soft and a chewy quality which almost akin to chewing gum. The Taiwanese drink is a favorite amongst the masses and the taste at Dairy feast will certainly leave you satisfied.


  1. Nothing beats the live cornetto ice cream

Cornetto ice cream is one of the most beloved flavors of ice cream in our part of the world. Keeping this in mind Dairy feast has also just recently launched the cornetto ice cream flavor. The best part is the fact that the ice cream will be prepared live in front of your very eyes after you place your order. The preparation process is akin to watching a painter paint his/her masterpiece with precise brush strokes. The flavor is everything you remember and then some after all what good is blatant imitation. Dairy feast’s Cornetto flavor is the perfect culmination of the old and the new and is a must try.

So, are you an Ice Cream lover? If yes then do you need any more reasons to give Dairy feast a visit?  Head over to Bahadurabad ( Chaar Minar Chowrangi) now to try the most delicious Ice Cream you can find in the city.



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