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If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, then you would know that my last post was regarding Bloomsbury Restaurant. I went there last week for my own birthday surprise and the moment I entered that place I was amazed to see how attractive the place looked. That place was not as big as I had expected before entering but it was beautiful.

I always wanted to visit Bloomsbury since one of my friends recommended it to me. That day there was a huge crowd present. Many people were standing and waiting for a table to be ready for them, apart from those who had reserved it before obviously. I honestly did not expect this place to have such a huge crowd so quickly. It was nice to see that people actually were visiting this place and the reviews the place was getting were totally justified. Staff members were formally dressed in order to clearly represent the whole theme of the place to the customers. It’s worth mentioning that they were polite and kind towards us.

I have seen this place at night as well when I went for a dessert treat. The restaurant is perfect for a; fine dine in as well. If you guys have not yet checked this place out, then do it!

The only drawback was that we had to reorder our main courses thrice as it was taking too long. One of the amazing things there is that their birthday decor is for free and that decor is really gorgeous. You guys can see it in the picture as well. So I would definitely recommend this place to those who want to celebrate their own or any of their friends or relatives birthday! Here are the top 5 dishes that you absolutely need to try.

Cheese Cigar: It was fresh and cheesy (for all the cheese lovers out there). It was less salty which made it a bit tasteless but the sauce covered it up.
Chicken strips: They were fresh, hot, tender, crispy and juicy and extremely delicious! A must try!
Jalapeno Burger: It was in beef and served with criss cut fries. It was fresh, juicy and amazing! fries were a bit less crispy but overall an amazing dish.
Penne Rustica: It was fresh and extra creamy. I am not much of a pasta fan but this dish changed my mind, one of the tastiest white sauced penne pasta.
Jalapeno Chicken: Grilled chicken fillet with jalapenos sauce with sautéed vegetables and plain rice. This dish was fresh and properly cooked. The sauce was creamy and tasty. Vegetables were fresh and cooked.
Hazelnut Molten Lava Cake: Three words. AMAZING AMAZING AMAAAAZINGGG! Best lava cake I have ever had. Dish of the day was this dessert! With oozy chocolate filling, this was so good! It was served with vanilla ice cream. A MUST TRY!



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Bisma Jawaid


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  1. Hi there Ali!
    Wasabi sandwich is to go for! other then that you can go for there penne rustica pasta or a jalapeno burger. But for desert I would suggest you to go for Lava cake! It is to die for <3
    Hope this helped 🙂


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