Ever since we were little girls we imagined ourselves going to the most prestigious universities and having the time of our lives. I personally remember a 10-year-old me looking at university going girls and thinking how fun their lives must be. Flash forward 9 years later and that bubble has been burst and the fact that imagination and reality are poles apart has come forward.

    University life is not at all simply rainbows and unicorns, especially for girls, and here are 5 things any university going girl will relate to.

    1. WHAT TO WEAR:

    University LifeAh, the ultimate dilemma. “What to wear” is the thought that bothers majority of the girls. Choosing an outfit to wear is probably one of the hardest decisions. You want to make sure that the timing is correct and that you haven’t already worn it once in the week (unless you wore it and not many people saw it which, let’s be honest, never happens), and if by fate another girl is wearing the same outfit as you, well then it’s a battle of who wore it best! It is crazy isn’t it? How when we are in school we desperately want to go to university so we could wear ‘colored’ clothes, dress up and ditch our uniforms and then when we finally enter university life, it all changes. It’s all good for the first few months (because you have tons of new clothes made) and then you start to wonder, “who’s got the time?” and you REALLY wish you had uniforms so you didn’t have to face the daily struggle of planning an outfit. How lucky are the boys that they’re free from all this? All they have to do is put on a jeans and a T-shirt and done, outfit (as millennials call it) on point!


    University LifeI have an inkling that every girl will be able to relate to this one. University is a place of restricted freedom. There are rules and regulations regarding everything except (unfortunately) staring. It honestly feels like you’re in a staring competition but only one side (male, of course) is taking part in it! It doesn’t matter how hard you try you’re always going to receive unwanted attention. The best you can do is ignore, ignore and ignore. But if you want to make sure that it never happens again, you can always give the “staring party” a piece of your mind and hope for the best. If it doesn’t stop the staring, at least you’ll get some satisfaction! Although it gets a little difficult when everywhere you go there is at least two, three pairs of eyes ‘observing’ you and you have to constantly pretend that you didn’t notice them and move on. Sometimes it feels like, as a friend explains it, there’s a hole being pierced in your back. I wonder if staring fulfills some kind of purpose in such people’s lives.


    University LifeBias exists everywhere, it’s true. University is place where your success will be blamed entirely on your teachers being biased. If you do well in most of your classes you’ll hear comments like, “Oh, she got an A because she’s a girl.” Excuse you! I got an A because I studied instead of wasting time. On the occasion of selecting a teacher and asking for others’ opinions, you’ll often hear, “take him, he easily gives grades to girls”. People need to understand that girls are intelligent and can score a good grade without being the teacher’s pet or being awarded grades based on their gender. Maybe if boys spent half the time they spend on buttering the teacher, on actual studying, they might be able to score just as good as their female classmates. Free advice, take it or leave it!


    University LifeBeing a good student has almost become a curse. I think it’s a fact that girls are more organized and disciplined than most of the boys. Girls are also the ones who note down every piece of information provided to them by the teachers. Boys, on the other hand, spend their time bunking classes or sleeping during lectures or playing games on their cellphones. “Why?” you ask? Because they know that at the end of the day they’ll go up to any girl and ask for her notes and she’ll give those notes to them because she’s nice and can’t say no because it seems rude. And so, the cycle continues for as long as you’re in the university. Some boys even have the audacity to ask for your assignments as well! You spend hours on your assignments and some boy comes and snaps pictures of your answers and his work is done and you’re left sitting there with nothing. So many of us girls have been victims of chronic notes dealing that we might as well start a business and make some money while we’re at it!


    University LifeFeminism, the word of the century. It’s on everybody’s mind whether they know the meaning of it or not, it’s the new cool. Unfortunate as it may be, most people claiming to be feminists don’t know the first thing about feminism and what it stands for. I do not consider myself to be a feminist. Yes, we do exist and we can’t stand it when girls cash in on their feminist card and expect to get away with things. When you’re in a university you’ll meet with a lot of feminists but majority of them are pretentious and trying to blend in. Feminism calls for equality in everything, well then where is this equality when girls enter university vans and order the boys to get up and sit in the ‘boys section’? I am a witness of this situation and I think it’s unfair. Faux feminists make non-feminists look bad. Let’s be real, feminism cannot work in Pakistan because girls cannot stand being treated the same as boys and boys cannot stand being dominated. Sitting behind a computer screen and promoting women empowerment does not count as feminism. It’s time we moved on.

    These are only some of the things that girls have to go through in a university on a daily basis. Being a girl takes strength and patience so think twice before you underestimate a girl!

    Let us know about your university experiences in the comment section below. Happy reading!

    By Manal Athar

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