Why iPhone X is the most significant leap forward since the first iPhone

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Back in 2007, the first iPhone marked a paradigm shift in the smartphone industry. In the world of QWERTY keyboards, resistive touch screens and windows mobile, iPhone was the first look at the modern smartphone. Features like scrolling, threaded messaging and large screens on phones are common today. But back in 2007, all these features were considered groundbreaking and revolutionary. Ten years later, the smartphone industry has completely changed with players like Samsung and Google directly competing with the iPhone. While the iPhone is still counted among the most popular smartphones in the world, for the past few years, Apple hasn’t experimented too much with the overall design and software of the phone. However, with the iPhone X, Apple has taken the most significant leap forward since the first iPhone and here is why.

Courtesy Trusted reviews

Before going on to talk about the iPhone X, it is worth mentioning that I am an Android user hence, the Apple fanboy comments won’t be appreciated. Initially, like all Android users, I was underwhelmed with all the announcements made by Apple last week. Believe it or not, I wasn’t even impressed by the iPhone X. In my opinion, technologies like the edge to edge display and face unlocking were already seen in Android smartphones. However, considering Apple’s recent track record, the iPhone X does include a lot of features which will completely change the way how people use an iPhone. Over the years, the home button has been a signature trait of the iPhone. But with the iPhone X, Apple has introduced a completely new interface which is based around hand gestures. Since Apple needed to accommodate the edge to edge display, the company had to finally get rid of the old home button. For the users, the solution the company came up with is nothing short of brilliant. Once people start using the gesture control, there will be no going back. The entire setup just feels much more intuitive and modern.

Another important addition in the new iPhone X is the face unlocking. Yes! The technology has been available on the market since 2011, but Apple isn’t a company which looks to do things first. Instead, the primary focus of the company revolves around doing things better, nowhere is this more evident than in the implementation of the new face ID feature. To make it more accurate, Apple has packed the phone with an IR camera, a flood illuminator and a projector. For an end user, this blend of technology will ultimately lead to a better user experience.

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Then there is the stunning edge to edge display. Aesthetically, the iPhone X is perhaps the best looking phone on the market. Not only has Apple shifted away from the traditional iPhone design, the company has adopted a futuristic design approach which clearly highlights the direction in which the company is headed. Perhaps the biggest reason to get excited about the new iPhone is the fact that how some of the changes will benefit the entire smartphone industry. While wireless charging has been available since 2009, with Apple’s adoption we can expect it grow further. The same can be said about some of the virtual reality features which were demonstrated during the keynote.

At the end of the day, it is important to recognize that with the iPhone X, Apple has moved away from its comfort zone. It can be argued that the company has introduced old features in a new phone but a closer look at the phone will clearly show how the latest Apple device will yet again introduce new trends in the smartphone industry. Like the first iPhone set the trend of the industry for years to come, we can expect the iPhone X to do the same. Only this time competitors like Samsung, Google and LG are already on their toes.

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