With the Pixel Smartphones Google has created the perfect Android alternative of the iPhone

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It is safe to say that most people were disappointed with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. While both devices included some great features, overall the two phones featured the same design which has been used by Apple since the iPhone 6. At the same time, the high price of the iPhone X and the rumors around the delays in production mean that there hasn’t been a better time to switch platforms. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to select an Android device in case you are switching from an iPhone. This is where Google Pixel comes in.

Google Pixel
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The smartphone series was introduced last year by Google. While the Mountain View-based company had previously worked on the Nexus devices, the Pixel smartphones represented a complete departure from the series. Earlier, the Nexus devices were mainly built in collaboration with other OEM’s as a standard for developers. Later the phones were marketed as cheaper alternatives for flagship devices. Despite the popularity of the Nexus smartphones among die heart Android fans, the series never quite managed to extend its appeal to the masses. In contrast, the Pixel smartphones have managed to ascend to the top of the Android landscape. Now, with the launch of the Pixel 2, Google has created a perfect Android alternative for the users who don’t want to buy an iPhone 8 or 8 plus and here is why.


Whenever users are looking to switch from IOS to Android, the first device which comes to mind is the latest Galaxy. Often, users believe that the Galaxy series is the ultimate android alternative for the iPhone. However, the iPhone represents simplicity and elegance. The users of the device don’t look for the latest and greatest features instead they are more interested in a phone which works. In contrast, the Galaxy devices represent the counterculture. In a lot of ways, the Galaxy phones appeal to a completely different audience. These include users who want the latest and greatest features in their gadgets. When it comes to the Pixel phones, the series follows a philosophy which is closer to the Apple device. Unlike the Samsung’s flagship devices the new Pixel smartphones don’t include an edge to edge display. But if you are someone who is switching from an iPhone, you will feel right at home. The design of the Pixel phones focuses on maintaining a clean and simple look. Yet, there are enough differences to separate it from the Apple device. Like the iPhone, the Pixel phones also come in two sizes offering users enough choices to select their preferred model. Yet, the two different size models offer exactly the same specifications. The first Pixel phones also included the best camera you could find on an Android device. Therefore, we can expect the latest models to pack the photography experience that is comparable to the latest iPhones.

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On the software side, the Pixel smartphones are directly supported by Google. This means that the phones will get timely updates to the latest version of the software. At the same time, like the original Pixel and Pixel XL, the latest phones offer a near stock Android like experience which is free from the bloat ware added by the manufacturers and carriers.  The slight tweaks to the Pixel launcher only further enhance the overall user experience. The direct support from Google also means that the Pixel 2 and 2 XL will support IOS like fluidity and performance. Similarly, the phones will not slow down over time like most Android devices. The phone’s top of the line specifications combined with software optimization will make it perfect for all the IOS users who are looking to adopt the new platform. But like the hardware, the customization features of Android will offer something new to people who are used to the closed nature of IOS.

Google might have stumbled upon the perfect recipe to ensure it manages to achieve its aim of luring people away from the iPhone. The two Pixel phones are extremely similar to the Apple devices. The latest Pixel models don’t even include a headphone Jack, an aspect which the iPhone 7 users will already be familiar with. The whole reason for writing the article is to illustrate how Google is trying to create an iPhone like brand. The company aims to provide users with an Android phone which prioritizes user experience over bleeding edge technology. And unlike the companies previous attempts, this time it has come with all Guns blazing.

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