Five Bollywood Tropes That We Are Bored Of

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It is a well-known fact that the Indian film industry is the biggest movie industry in the world. It produces more than thousand movies per year and the stars of Indian cinema have fans all over the globe. The movies are incredibly formulaic because primarily the medium of cinema is used for escapism. The average Indians prefer to watch movies which fuel their escapist fantasies and help them in forgetting about the harsh realities of the real world. There is certainly nothing wrong with following a formula in order to ensure maximum profits but art essentially thrives on experimentation and failure to innovate results in stagnation which ultimately compromises the credibility of any kind of creative venture. Bollywood is no exception to this rule. In the last couple of years, all the movies produced in Bollywood have started looking the same. Similar patterns are seen in almost every movie as a result of which they have lost their uniqueness and have left the audiences bored. There are many such trends that exist in Bollywood which have overstayed their welcome. So here are the five Bollywood tropes we are absolutely bored of:

  1. The remake of a south movie:
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Back in the year, 2008 Aamir Khan cemented himself as one of the most successful actors in India with the release of Ghajini. The movie, which was a remake of a South movie, was a blockbuster and was the highest grossing movie at that point of time. The success of the movie resulted in various film directors looking towards South movies to remake rather than come up with a new creative idea of their own. Prabhudeva’s entire filmography comprises of remakes of South movies with every subsequent movie worse than the one released previously. What many people failed to realize is the fact that Ghajini had a concept which was quite novel and instead chose to focus on the over the top action and crass comedy which are essentially the main characteristics of this form of cinema. The result was an endless barrage of extremely mediocre b-grade level movies each more forgettable than the other.

2. The brainless family entertainers:

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In a manner similar to South movies another fad that has become quite prevalent in the last couple of years is that of brainless entertainers. Directors like Aneez Bazmi and Sajid Khan are responsible for this trend which came into existence under the guise of slapstick. Movies like ‘Humshakals’ and ‘Houseful 3’ are anything but funny and are pathetic pieces of garbage masquerading as movies. The jokes made in movies like these are certainly not family friendly and the cynic might question if the tag ‘family entertainer’ simply exists to attract as many people to the theatre as possible and make money. Whatever the case may be, movies like Jolly LLB and its sequel prove that comedy movies do not always have to be brainless to succeed.

3. The item numbers:

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Where does one begin with this one? On one hand certain Bollywood actresses champion the cause for women empowerment and on the other hand, the same actresses perform in racy songs with double entendre for lyrics. The idea is very simple; attract the male audiences to the cinema. The shameless exhibition of the female body for commercial benefit makes one squirm but unfortunately, the trend is here to stay. In fact, this trend is the sole reason why certain ‘actresses’ even have a career in the industry.

4. The love story:

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Bollywood loves love stories. Nearly 90% of the movies that are made revolve around the romance between a boy and a girl. Truly you see one and you have seen them all. While there isn’t anything wrong with love stories in general, cinema and art by extension are supposed to reflect the world that we live in and there is certainly a lot more to life than just romance. Bollywood would have you believe otherwise but the fact remains that there are several other topics that merit discussion. One also needs to consider the fact that essentially the idea of love that Bollywood perpetrates is not only unrealistic but also more akin to stalking and harassment and the audiences can certainly live without such stories.

5. Pandering to Indians living overseas:

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Indians are patriotic people. That much is quite evident in their movies. It doesn’t matter which part of the world they live in, India is in their hearts. At least that is what Bollywood movies will have one belief. Big movie directors like Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra love to tell stories of rich non-residential Indians who live in mansions in London and Vienna but still follow their traditions. The characters in these movies love India and love to boast about their culture and traditions while they comfortably lead lives in a foreign land. The idea is to attract the Indians living in such countries but wouldn’t it be better instead to tell stories about the locals and their plight. The reason why a movie like Slumdog millionaire became so popular was that they reflected the true India. Not the glossy glamorized façade that Bollywood loves to display.

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