Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: A minor issue blown out of proportion?

    Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
    Source: Express Tribune

    Nothing fans the flame as much as celebrity controversies. It hasn’t been long since the Mahira Khan Scandal was put to rest that another controversy has seen the light of the day and has created quite an uproar in the realm social media. Just the other day the Oscar-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy took to Twitter to rant about the incident involving her sister. In a series of statements, Chinoy narrated how her sister went to one of Pakistan’s most prestigious hospitals; AKU emergency and the doctor who tended to her sent her a Facebook friend request. Chinoy claimed that it was not at all okay and professional of the doctor to do so and went on to declare it as an act of harassment. She said that it was unethical for a doctor to use personal information on patients to add them on social media accounts and further pledged to report him stating that he messed with the wrong women in the wrong family.

    Chinoy then moved on to her Facebook account further stating how if a male sends another female a friend request it is harassment and amount to rape because apparently according to Sharmeen your body is a temple and so is your Facebook wall and if any male is sending you a friend request, it is him taking advantage of your body.

    Source: Daily Pakistan

    It wasn’t long before the doctor involved in the incident got fired from his job. Although the act of the doctor can be seen as unprofessional and unethical to a certain degree, it does not, however, provide justification for his termination seeing that Facebook is a social media network meant for socializing and anyone can add anybody and no working contract prohibits doing so. If one has a problem with random people adding them then the site also provides an option to restrict any random friend requests.

    Now if Chinoy’s sister had a problem with that she could’ve easily avoided it by blocking him or restricting random friend requests which she didn’t do. Instead, she went on to create a fuss which was absolutely unnecessary and wrong on her part. The sacking of the doctor was a little too extreme a measure for something as mere as sending a friend request. However, it can be considered as unethical conduct and an apology or suspension could’ve sufficed. Chinoy’s accusations leading to the doctor being fired can only be seen as one abusing their power and exploiting their social status to have their way.

    All in all, we think that the whole issue was avoidable and there wasn’t any need to blow it out of proportion. What are your views regarding the whole incident? Was the outcome justified? Do share in the comments section below.


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