5 Smartphone Applications that you need to download today

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All of us use different Smartphone applications to perform various tasks in our day to day lives. Be it connecting with people, remembering things or consuming content, there is a dedicated application for everything. Despite the number of applications we use, there are still a lot of hidden gems in the App store and Google play store that a lot of people don’t know about. Many of these applications are very useful and help solve a lot of problems that we encounter on a daily basis. So here is a look at 5 such applications that you need to have on your IOS or Android device today.

1. LastPass

Smartphone Applications
Source: LastPass

Are you someone who has a hard time remembering the passwords for different online services you use? If yes, then LastPass is just the application you are looking for. The password management service lets you save your login details safely by using one master password. The application also suggests strong passwords that can be used to protect different accounts. In order to use the application, all you have to do is login with the master password, find the password you are looking for, copy and paste it into the respective application. LastPass is a completely free application but the service doesn’t work without a premium account which costs just $ 12 a year. Furthermore, the application is completely cross-platform and can be used on IOS, Android, and PC.

2. Todoist

Smartphone Applications
Source: The next web

Todoist is essentially a to-do list application which allows you to keep track of all the tasks you need to undertake. You can use the application to remember tasks and set priorities. There are a lot of unique features which separate the application from other task management services. Firstly, you can add notes to all the tasks plus the application also allows you sync your tasks with Google calendar. Todoist is also a cross-platform application and is available on IOS, Android, and PC. The application is available for free but in order to access additional features you would have to pay a premium price of $ 29. These additional features include the ability to add files, sound recordings and photos to tasks. So, download the application today to get things done.

3. Pocket

Smartphone Applications
Source: engadget

Pocket is an application that allows you to save articles from the web for later reading. At the same time, the application also recommends interesting articles on the basis your list. Perhaps the best thing about Pocket is its reading interface. The application supports a clean, clutter-free look which makes reading articles a treat. Additionally, the service is also useful if you want to save articles as research material. You can also save the articles from your phone and access them later on your PC using the Pocket website. Like other applications on the list, Pocket is available on IOS, Android, MacOs, Chrome and PC. The application is completely free to use and download, with no additional charges.

4. Airdroid

Source: Google Play

Airdroid is an Android exclusive application. If you are like me and spend a majority of your day in front of a computer screen then Airdroid is tailor-made for you. The application allows you to manage your device from your PC. The interface gives you a preview of Phones status, battery life and notifications. Moreover, the application also allows you to reply to text messages. The best feature of Airdroid is undoubtedly the wireless transfer of files from desktop to smartphones and vice versa. If you are tired of dealing with USB cables then you should definitely download Airdroid today. The application is free to download and some additional features can be unlocked with a fee of $ 1.99/month.

5.Microsoft Office suite

Source: Softpedia news

Most of us have been using the Microsoft Office suite on PCs for the longest time. However, when the company first introduced applications like Word, Power-point and Excel, I was skeptical about whether these applications will serve the same purpose as they do on desktop. To my surprise, the office suite on smartphones is extremely powerful. While you won’t be able to create advance presentations or spreadsheet documents, the application is perfect for creating basic documents. The word application in particular is perfect for editing and viewing files. All these applications support some of the same features that are found on the desktop versions. Likewise, you can also transfer the documents from your PC to your phone through Word Online and One Drive support. The Microsoft office suite is preinstalled on many of the smartphone these days, so you should definitely try the application.

All these applications are very helpful and make our lives easy as end users. So we recommend all of you to download these services today. What are some of the applications that you can’t live without? Leave your opinions in the comments below.




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