CBMUN 2018; Transcend, Transform, Takedown


CBMUN 18 is a simulation of the historic and notable Model United Nations in Karachi, which transpires in the prestigious business school; Institute of Business Management (IoBM). It is an annual event hosted by the Literary Public Speaking Society of IoBM where the participating delegates form teams, research a country, take on roles as diplomats, and debate on international issues to formulate solutions for world problems. At CBMUN, we aim to provide the youth with a platform which enables them to engage in dialogue, debate, and discussions promote peace.

“It is not enough to win the war; it is more important to organize the peace”- Aristotle

The four day conference will commence on the 8th of February. Applicants come from different schools, colleges and universities to discuss global issues through negotiations. The participants represent countries as diplomats and ambassadors. Their primary objective is to reach concrete solutions to global issues by the end of each conference. CBMUN 18 is not just about serious discussions. We also host a variety of awe-inspiring social events where participants socialize and get to know each other. Last year, CBMUN17 conducted Munferno Carnival and Hymn of Harmony which featured The Sabri Brothers and Umair Jaswal.

The following are the main objectives of CBMUN18:

  • Improve participants knowledge about global affairs.
  • Help improve participant’s negotiation and public speaking skills.
  • Give participants an opportunity to work in a team based environment.
  • Provide insight into a UN diplomat’s work.
  • Advance and make practical use of participant’s political knowledge.
  • Enriching participant’s research and policy analysis capabilities.
  • Build connections with students all over the city.

CBMUN 18 will comprise of six committees- which will be addressing different agendas:

General Assemblies (GAs)

Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) is the First committee of the UN General Assembly. Their objective is to govern principles of regulation of military weapons and equipment. They take measures which aim to provide stability and security through optimum levels of armaments.

Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) is the second Committee of the United Nations General Assembly which caters to a variety of issues such as decolonization, refugees and human rights, peacekeeping, public information, and atomic radiation.

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) is the Third committee of United Nations General Assembly. Its main purpose is to shed light on the social, humanitarian and human rights issues from around the globe like women rights, child abuse, settlement of refugees, overpopulation, drug control and crime prevention.

Specialized Committee

Pakistan National Assembly (PNA) which forms a core part of the political system of Pakistan due to their participation in solving issues of national importance and passing related bills. Whatever decision they take does not only affect the people of Pakistan but also helps Pakistan make its way up the power ladder, ready to deal with threats internal and external. PNA is the sovereign legislative body of Pakistan, and the simulation of PNA in CBMUN18 will be bilingual.

Crisis Committee

The Historical Pakistan Cabinet (HPC) is the manifestation of Pakistan’s 70 years long political landscape. From the dictators who took up arms against elected lawmakers to the politicians who tried to bring each other down to ascend the throne and become the Prime Minister of this dignified nation, the Historical Pakistan Cabinet covers it all. The committee discusses all the major events in the political landscape of Pakistan. From Zia’s islamization all the way to disqualification of Nawaz, this committee covers it all.

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is one of the six leading organizations working under the supervision of UN Charter. It consists of 15 members out of which five are permanently termed as P5. The main objective of this Council is to maintain international peace. UN Security Council maneuvers the parties in case of any threat to peace or act of aggression. It settles the disputes by recommending and endorsing methods of adjustments or terms of settlements.

So what are you waiting for? Register now and experience four days of diplomacy, intense discussions along with fun filled social events. Click on the links below to register for the event.

As a Delegate (Whether Individual or as a Delegation consisting of Five Delegates)

As a Brand Ambassador

As an Assistant Committee Director

For more information, visit the CBMUN website or follow the event of Facebook.

This article is a paid advertisement by CBMUN 2018 and is written by the publication department of the Literary and Public Speaking Society at IOBM.

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